Heychickadee/Pusheen Haul ~(^o^)~


These are my purchase from Heychickadee. They have more items launched last week. There is a Pusheen pajama set, and I am so tempted right now. I think I will have another Heychickdee aka Pusheen haul soon.

By the way, if you also interested in Pusheen, you can also check out HotTopic, Truffle Shuffle, Piq Gift, JapanLA, and Amazon. Let me know other sites too. Sadly, we don’t have Primark in California. I have to search online to find Pusheen goodies. Also, check out PusheenBox. I got most of my PusheenBox exclusive items from the box, and it helps me save a lot of money. I highly recommend you to check it out.

I actually will wait until Black Friday and Christmas since I think these sites will have sales or discount. Other than Heychickadee, these sites sell other cute goodies. Truffle Shuffle sells some cute pajama that will launch next month. (ex: Dumbo and The Aristocats.) JapanLA has a lot of Sanrio goodies too. I can see my bank crying to me this December. Well, fortunately, I don’t need to shop for skincare item this Black Friday and Christmas so I can use that money on other things.

Anyway, thanks for watching and reading. I hope you enjoy. I will see you again next week.

Have you ever shopped from Heychickadee? 



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3 thoughts on “Heychickadee/Pusheen Haul ~(^o^)~

    1. It is bigger than I expected. The middle section can carry a phone, lip stick, hand cream and may be some small things too. I really like it. If I have a longer chain, I can carry it as a shoulder bag too.


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