September 2018 Favorite || Missha, Pusheen, etc


Finally, it is October! It means a monthly favorite video is coming. Also, Halloween is coming or the whole month is Halloween. Actually, I already see some Halloween theme products online and most of them are limited edition. I guess every month has something to empty my bank. Anyway, Here are something I like from September. I don’t think I share them anywhere yet. Let me know if you want me to write reviews for the makeup products.

Product mentioned:

Missha Color Filter Palette (Shade#3 Sunshine & 4 Tender Breeze)

I love these two palettes. They are my everyday makeup essentials. I recently fall in love with this kind of glittery shimmery eyeshadow. The glitter on these eyeshadows is very shiny and smooth. They are gold big glitters. I like to dab some on top of the center of my eyelid at the end to make my eyes look more pop and cute. These eyeshadows are not very pigmented so need to spend some time to work on it, and I think it is good for people like me who always put too many eyeshadows.

AGE 20’S Essence Cover Pact RX (Season 10 in shade #21)

Previous version try-on:

Although I don’t think it is worth the price for this newest version, it is still my favorite base makeup product. It gives the natural glow to my face and the cooling sensation is the best for the warm season. I wish the coverage is as good as the previous version. I still love Age 20’s essence cover pact, but I will repurchase the older version just because the older version is cheaper and works as well as the newest version.

MOCAFE Azteca D’oro 1519 Mexican Spiced Ground Chocolate

My favorite fall/winter drink so far. I love adding it into my coffee and skip the sugar. I think I just love the cinnamon. It gives more flavor to my coffee. I cannot wait to buy some marshmallows to drink with it.

Pumpkin Pusheen Pin:

A pin that will light up in dark. This pin is perfect for the Halloween. I actually bought it because I don’t plan to dress up for Halloween. This pin is the only item I am going to put on during Halloween. Well, I can show it off in my workplace I guess. 😉

Large Pusheen Plush Toy:

I want to get another one to put on my chair! This plush is so dense and perfect for back cushion. I adore it so much. I wish they can have a bigger version so I can lay on it.

Pusheen Magnetic Kit:

I love this kit. I can play around with all item and customize Pusheen. It is very fun. If they have a different version, I will purchase that for sure. I am using them as a display in my room now. They make me feel good every time I see them.

Things wearing in this video

Tops are from Lazy Oaf

Beret is from Forever21 (It has cat ears!)

Jacket on the chair is from ASOS


I also film my Heychickdee aka Pusheen haul. It will be up next Tuesday! Make sure to check my channel next Tuesday if you also love Pusheen.



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