Few things I bought from Lazy Oaf


I honestly love Lazy Oaf. It is my most favorite brand now. They always make unique pieces, and I like how it is cute and weird. I can wear most of their pieces until I die. Their pieces are so unique that age doesn’t matter. I can imagine myself still wear them when I get old. I start replacing pieces from my closet now. I want the majority of my clothes from them. It is interesting that their pieces make me think that I should wear things that make me happy. I mean I like clothes I own now, but Lazy Oaf pieces make me feel happier and make me love myself more. I love Lazy Oaf.

Well, besides their design, I want to talk about or rant about their quality and price. I didn’t talk about these in the video because I can rant about it for an hour, and I don’t think people like that so I keep it short here. Basically, I hope the quality of their clothes can meet their price. I know the bikini top is the sale item, but they can check if it can any dirt before ship to me, right? It is not clear in the pictures, but here it is.

The bikini top has some white stink on it. It looks like it slid on a white wall and got dry paint on it. I doubt it was a display or from a very bottom of the storage. I am ok with it since I think I can wash it off. The skirt doesn’t have any big issue, I just feel like they can use better fabric to make it since it already balls up on some area before I wear it. I am not a jeans expert. Does all jeans material balls up here and there? Actually, I never had any issue with other Lazy Oaf items. These things just happen to me this time. I guess it may be because I ordered during their summer sale. But honestly, I thought they can do better. Let’s not talk about their price since comparing to Urban Outfitter, Lazy Oaf price is pretty “normal” and reasonable. I just feel disappointed that they don’t check their item before selling. At least, I don’t see these things happen to other brands with the similar price point. Well, they are cute, and I love them so I will wear them anyway, but can they don’t disappoint their customers? Please check every item before selling to people. No one likes paying to get things with dirt or faults on. Or, do you think sale items deserve to have faults on? Anyway, I may have OCD. Don’t get me wrong. I still love Lazy Oaf. I just think I should buy from Dollskill or ASOS next time. At least, return and exchange is much easier, and I don’t need to worry about lost packages.

I know some people think Lazy Oaf gets popular and designs are not meeting the price. I personally don’t mind that since everyone has their own taste. Some pieces may appeal to me but not to other. I think it is difficult to price a design. But, I agree that Lazy Oaf design is not that “unique” now. I think it is because of their tight new launch schedule, and they are trying to expand the variety of their styles. I always think Lazy Oaf pieces are cute and weird. Recent launches just keep the cute and not weird enough. Their pieces are less special and lack of excitement. Some pieces from their new launches look familiar and not surprising. I keep thinking they don’t have enough time to expert new unique pieces and just manufacture anything they have on hands. The “things on nips” design is overloaded. I am so tired of that design. You have to understand how disappointed I am seeing that at every new launch. They can put designs around the collar, arms, lower back, belly, shoulders, etc. There are enough places for them to put things on to keep surprising us and not another “things on X”. Their sweater dress designs are pretty successful. I don’t know why. The “things on nips” design just make me feel bored. I hope the price went up can help them create more unique pieces. I see their weirdness is back from their recent collection. I am looking forward to their next launch.

I hope I don’t sound too negative. I think buying from Lazy Oaf is paying for the design and things you love. I actually really happy that they have more new launches since it means I have more selections. I just curious. What is your budget for clothes? Like how much you will pay for a T-shirt you really love?


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