August 2018 Favorite


I have tried some new things last month and like almost all of them. Actually, I got most of them from the Petit Vour and Ipsy bag. Subscription box really helps me find products that work on me, and I start having mix feelings about subscription boxes. I will talk about it more on my next post about the August Petit Vour box. For now, I will share some goodies that I think you guys will be interested in.


Heart Shaped Belt

I bought this belt from Taobao last year and this is so cute. I like to add some cute elements to my outfit and not overdoing it, and this belt just fit my style although I wish it is a little bit wider. I like chunkier belts because it will look less feminine and more statement looking.

Seraphine Botanicals – Lychee+Gold Healthy Glow Rose-Gold Blush

This can be a multi-purpose product. I have used it as blush, highlight, and eyeshadow. I wouldn’t recommend to use it every day as eyeshadow since the power is not fine enough and maybe not good for people with sensitive skin. It is a bit too shimmery for me to use as a blush.  I usually just use it on top of my regular cream blush as a cheek highlight. It works beautifully, and I love it during the summer season especially days when I want more pop cheekbones.

Hikari Cosmetics – Cream Pigment (Latte)

This is my first time using a cream pigment. I have to say that I love it so much. Little goes a long way. This little pot can last me at least 2 years if I use it every day. The golden brown color is good for an everyday look and party look. I personally like lighter colors so if I finish eyeshadows I own now, I will try to find a cream pigment with lighter pink or carol color.

Milk Makeup – Lip Vinyl (Chillin, Flexin, and Facts)

I honestly love these lip products. The applicator has a flat long-round shape so it is very easy to put the product on lips. It looks like a gloss but it is not sticky or heavy. I love these colors. They aren’t too poping on my lips and work so well on my skin. I can see them work well on people with darker skin too. They also make my lips look fuller and juicy. I am waiting Milk Makeup get another sale so I can get some of these as backups.

OSEA – Essential Hydrating Oil

I got this from last Petit Vour Box. It is so good. I love the luxury scent it has. It also works so well on my skin. It is an oil but not sticky or heavy on my skin. The roller applicator makes it easy to apply and cleaner. I am keeping it to use later when it gets to fall and winter. I don’t think I will purchase one since it is expensive, but if I can earn more money, I will buy one for drier season. It helps my skin stay hydrated and healthy.

lilah b. – Divine Due Lip & Cheek (real, fearless, and sassy)

This is another product I love. I also got this from the Petit Vour Box. I love cream blush so much! They look natural on the skin and very easy to apply. This lip&cheek product works well on lips too. These kinds of lip&cheek product usually work poorly on lips. Most of them just turn patchy or dry out during the day. If they work good on lips, they will be too heavy on cheeks. lilah b really has the best lip&cheek product I have ever tried. They are easy to blend and weightless on the cheek. They last long on lips. Not forgot to mention, colors are so beautiful on any skin shade. As I said in the video, I would like to get all the shades for this lip&cheek product. I just wish they can make a palette version since a single full size is so expansive. I honestly cannot afford one. Although they are worth the price, it is a big expense for me. If I don’t own many lipsticks and cheek products, I will purchase one or two and stick with it for rest of my life. Well, it is a product that I will buy if I earn more money.

Thank you for reading. I really like everything I tried on August and recommend you guys to try some of them. Petit Vour Box is a really good subscription box since it really helps me to discover these goodies although it has disappointed me several times. I will talk about it more on my unboxing post later. But, I hope you enjoy reading my post and let me know if you want me to take pictures for swatches since the swatches on the video are pretty horrible. I am thinking to write separate posts for some of these products too. Let me know what you think. I hope you all have a wonderful day.



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2 thoughts on “August 2018 Favorite

  1. I want to shop from Taobao but it’s so intimidating since I don’t read Chinese. I might go through an agent to try some items (especially makeup brushes!) Do you shop on Taobao often?
    I’ve never tried Milk Makeup – those lip colours look really fresh and pretty. I’ll have to check them out at Sephora next time I’m there.

    1. I used to shop from Taobao alot, but this year the custom rules is getting very strict in America. I cannot buy a lot of things from Taobao. (Not a watch or earphone). It is better to shop from agent since they can help you communicate with the seller and help you ensure the product is in perfect condition, etc. Honestly, since I start shopping from Taobao, I notice so many places just overprice their products too much especially their products are from mainland China too. I should make a video or post talk about it.
      Yes, give them a swatch. They total have 6 different shades for the lip vinyl. I can only shop from them when they are on sale. They are pretty similar with Glossier in my opinion. Both have a middle to high price point, simiple look, and clean design.


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