My Fitness Journey – Restart

My Fitness Journey is first few posts I wrote on the blog, and I kind of leave an open ending for it. This time I would like to push myself and make it as a series. I will push myself to get in shape.


I was not thinking to push myself like what I said in my last post, but when I weighed myself yesterday and realized I gained almost 10 pounds from past years, I was shocked. I thought I was bloating and was going to have the period soon. Gaining 10 pounds is a big deal for me since I know it is so difficult for me to lose it. Honestly, if I gain this 10 pounds because of exercising, I wouldn’t feel this bad since it is muscle weight. I didn’t do any exercise for a long time so these weights are fat and water. This fact becomes my motivation, and following is what I did today and possibly the coming weeks.

Today is my first-day doing cardio. I am doing the T25 Alpha again since it is the only workout that’s effective and fits into my schedule. Each T25 video is only 25 minutes long, and the Alpha part focuses on reducing body fat. It just fit my need! Although I said it is effective, it is not any magic that can give me slimmer body overnight or within 30 days. I expect to see an obvious result after 3 months, and it is the time I will push myself very hard. Of course, if I want to reach my body goal, I will need to keep going for a year or more, but I want to set 3 months as my first milestone. Actually, if I can keep doing all these exercises every day for 3 months, I am most likely will continue doing for a year.

Anyway, my day 1 is doing really good. I finish one T25 video (25 minutes), do a 10 minutes abs workout, walk 20 minutes to work, and do yoga for about 30 minutes. It is a very good start especially I feel more energetic and refreshing. I guess my body knows I need to exercise so it is helping me.

So here are some of my “Before” pictures.

If you check out my older “My Fitness Journey“, you will see I really gain weight. I also notice my posture get worse. I have scoliosis problem so I do curve to the side, but these pictures show my condition gets worse. I hope yoga can help. I guess my experiment may help other people who also suffer from scoliosis. Let see what will happen.


I am going to start my day 2 and will update you guys after a month or when I find something useful. Thanks for reading! I will see you in my next post.



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6 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey – Restart

  1. Goodluck!! I recommend combining workouts with a healthy diet as well to see better & faster results! it really works.

    I have a new post up on my blog if you’d like to check it out 💗


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