I’m Back

How are you, my friends? Haven’t seen you guys for a long time, I miss hanging out with all of you. I feel like I haven’t done much for 2018 so far so I would like to set up some goals for rest of the year. I would like to share them with you and would like you to see me change. At least, I will get more active online. I don’t want to give up my blog.


Do Yoga Everyday

I have started doing yoga last month. I have stopped doing it for 3 weeks now and feel uncomfortable. It is like my shoulders and legs are missing something. I would like to do yoga every day again. Those stretches and core training help me to maintain a better posture during the day and feel less tired. I also admire people with the “yoga body”. It may be just my stereotype. I think people who do yoga every day many years have a slim lean body. Well, if I cannot have that nice body myself, I can at least improve my flexibility and have a stronger core. I am currently following videos from “Yoga with Adriene“. She is an amazing yoga teacher. Her videos are easy to follow and beginner friendly. She makes me feel yoga is more approachable and simple. You have to understand that I saw too many pictures of people doing very challenging yoga poses. I was scard if I need to do any upside down pose with only one hand touching the floor. Seriously, I just want to do yoga to relax as a beginner. By the way, Adriene also has 30 days yoga challenge series. They are good for people who like to follow a schedule. If you want to try learning yoga, I highly recommend you to check out her videos.

Create Something Everyday

I was thinking to draw something every day, but after I watch Marzia’s latest video, I decide to not pushing myself too hard if I want to keep it as a habit. I will set up the same goal as she did. I want to create something every day. It can be draw something, cooking, DIY, or anything creative. I will mainly focus on the digital drawing (possibly chibi character) since it is something I want to learn and be good at. My final goal is to draw mini story online. I have a lot of ideas and just miss the skill to make them come true so I am forcing myself to not lazy around and start practicing. I am going to show some of my UV resin works too. It has been mentioned few times on my blog, and I finally feel comfortable to show my work. I hope you guys will like them and give me suggestions.

Upload Content At Least Once Every Other Day

Talking about creating something every day, I am going to upload content to my blog to motivate myself and get back to my usual blogging schedule. I have filmed few videos to upload on YouTube too. I think I can post something every day or at least once every other day. I am also trying to take some pictures for my blog and Instagram. My platform will mainly focus on Blog, Instagram, and YouTube for now since it is difficult to be constantly active on multiple platforms. I am also working on my online store. I plan to launch it on July 9th. I am still figuring out how to reduce international shipping fee. It doesn’t make sense to me that the shipping fee costs double of the product itself. I want to make sure everything works smoothly. You can expect to see more posts about it. Anyway, I miss blogging and the community.


These are three main goals for me this second half of 2018. I am excited that I will be busy doing something meaningful to my life every day. I will document my journey so my blog post will be more like my diary. I guess it fits my blog name better since it is talking about my life. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this post, and I will upload a new video tomorrow. Please come back and check it out. Thank you so much for everything!



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6 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Welcome back! 🙂 Goals are a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment and see progress.
    Daily yoga sounds fantastic. Daily stretches are a great thing! I must remind myself to do them.
    How exciting about the online store – I agree, shipping costs are so expensive and they are often more than the price of the item itself!
    Good luck with all your goals!

    1. Thank you so much! I will keep working hard so I can be so proud of myself!
      Yoga is amazing! I really dislike exercising especially those need jumping. I was thinking to go swimming, but the pool I went was really dirty. XD So yea, yoga fit my lifestyle so I love it. I still need to do some cardio because I just find out I gain almost 10 pounds this past year. Haha I cannot lazy around anymore.


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