Recent Beauty Haul Spring 2018



I am sorry to not uploading anything for a long time. Thank you so much to everyone who watches my video. I am back with a mini haul video! Hope you enjoy.

Products Mention
Pressed Powder Shadow Palette: Lo-Key, Hi-Maintenance
Single Pressed Powder Shadow: Lucky You, Liar, Liar, Wake Up Call, Wait for It.
Ultra Blotted Lip
Super Star Loose Pigment

Zabana Essentials:
Face Balm Rose Petal
Face Balm Tamanu Calendula


Have you tried these two brands?


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5 thoughts on “Recent Beauty Haul Spring 2018

  1. Your English improved so much!! I haven’t tried Colour Pop and probably won’t be able to because I’m in the UK and would need to pay a lot of customs if I order online from their website. I like that they are doing smaller eyeshadow palettes though. Everything you got looks so nice!

    1. Aww Thank you so much. I try to get back on track. It still take me a while to get warm up in front on camera.
      Customs is so much. It is ridiculous. I guess it is a way to protect local brands?
      They sell large empty palette and a lot of single eyeshadows. I like how they always come up a lot of colors and still remain high quality with low price.

      1. If they sold here, I would try the brand – no questions about it. But yes, the customs is a lot and sometimes even more than what the product costs itself which makes it all the more expensive. Usually you are forced to order more to qualify for free delivery but ordering more = more weight = more customs lol you can’t win!


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