Mini Pacifica Haul


I start using Pacifica this year, and I am pretty impressed by their products. I have reviewed their Cactus & Kale Oil Free Renewal Lotion. This time, I decided to try more. I picked their newest products and of course, things I currently need. I will post my thoughts on them later, but here is a quick look.

I got 3 types of their newest sheet masks since I adore sheet masks. They hydrate and boost my skin so well. I try to use sheet mask every 3 days, and it really helps stabilize my skin condition. I think it is the hardest to find a good and vegan sheet mask since not many non-Asian brands making these. I mean I find Western people love clay mask and wash-off mask so much, and sheet mask made by Western brands are not as good as the Asian brands. This makes me so happy to see these on Pacifica. I ordered 2 of each type so I can have a better experience and write a more accurate review.

These 4 big bottles are facial mist. They can use on face and body as skincare or use on makeup blush and sponge for extra moisture. I ordered these to use in the morning since I run out of toner and at night I have a mild daily exfoliating toner that needs to test out. I thought 4 mist would be too much, but I cannot decide which one to get so I got all of them, and honestly, mist use up very fast.


After I tried Pacifica lotion and really like it, I just cannot resist trying another one especially it sounds so delicious. My order also comes with a sample. It is a day and night lotion so I think it is good when traveling or stay over friends and families places. I don’t think I will try them these two months since I still have some moisturizers left and they sound perfect for warmer weather. Let see if I will like them. By the way, the packaging is another reason for me to buy it.

Last but not least, I ordered their Dream Big mascara. It is one of their best items. A lot of YouTubers talks about it. I like how it claims can do both lengthening and volumizing. I have tried few mascaras from subscription boxes and none of them impress me yet. I hope this one will make me want to wear mascara more often. I wish Pacifica can make more color for their mascara since I prefer brown color mascara more since they look more natural.

These are everything I ordered from Pacifica! Have you tried any Pacifica product? If so, what did you try? I would like to know more. If not, would you want to try their product if they sell in your country? I ask this because I know a lot of you don’t live in the US and probably need to pay custom and shipping when buying from America. I wish Pacifica is big and rich enough to reach the world. It is also why I mention them in my blog. I want to support them in my own way.

Any items from this post you want me to review first?


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7 thoughts on “Mini Pacifica Haul

  1. I’ve seen Pacifica around but haven’t tried anything from them. We only have access to the body and skincare products, not the makeup here.
    I’d be curious to read a review on the Dream Big mascara!

    1. I just know a lot of vegan brands are local brands when I wrote this post. I didn’t notice they don’t ship all over the world. I guess it is hard for them to get customers. It makes me want to support them more.
      I like seeing fruit on beauty product. I saw a banana hair mask one day on Pacifica and it sounds so sweet and interesting.

      1. For local brands it’s really hard to get recognized unfortunately. That’s why I love supporting Bosnian products, but I can’t really share them on blog because I know most people can’t get hold of them. I see bright future for “Pacifica”, products look so worth the money. xx


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