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Finding makeup and pieces that look good on me is a difficult process. From these past 25 years of my life, I only find what doesn’t look good on me. I always think I would look better if I have a leaner figure, but I just lack confidence. The confidence of feeling comfortable in any outfit. The confidence of feeling comfortable to be me. I guess it is the main thing I should work on. Actually, I start doing exercises again to get in shape, and  I heard exercising make us happier so it is two birds with one stone. Anyway,  I found some pieces and look that I feel comfortable and practical in my daily life. Well, we need to be practical in life while being stylish. Jeans with bum rips are good to look at but not practical for most people. The Japanese “mini” and “ar” magazines are my favorite, and below I would like to talk and compare them.


Instagram: @mini_tkj

I think mini has the most practical style for most people. Tees, sweatshirt, hoodie, wide-leg pants, running shoes, and caps are very comfortable to wear. I don’t know what this kind of style call. I like how all models wear boyish clothing and still look girly and cute. This style may look normal in America, but it is rare to see people pair the long skirt with a hoodie or wear a dress under the bomber jacket. This magazine is inspiring and a good source of new pieces since the brands they feature are mostly American brands. I love reading it.

In terms of makeup, they go for the very simple look. They may have deep red lips, but I never see they have smoky eyes. If they ever use eyeshadow, it will be one color only. It is quick and simple. Lazy people like me love this. It probably takes a minute to do this look. I just need to take care my skin better so I don’t spend the time to cover my acne. I just like the clean, acne-free, glowy look. I think it is the best look to represent natural beauty.



Instagram: @ar_magazine


This magazine has the style I look for but never feel confident to try. Their style definitely more feminine and sexy. The pictures above are few looks that are less sexy, but you can see what I mean on their covers. They go for glowy honey skin and little-wet hair. Of course, they show skin and curve a lot. They also wear bold colors a lot. I love how their models look so feminine from head to toe. It is like female hormone come out from their skin. Their style is practical and so dedicated to the detail. We see these pieces a lot in real life, but they always pick the nicest piece. I just know I won’t feel comfortable wearing them now since I am too conscious about my body shape. I think I will try these look when I become more confident, but I learn to be picky when buying clothes. I appreciate details more now. Not forget to mention, they like clean looking makeup too. Simple eyeshadow, pink or coral lips, and clear glowy skin are my favorite makeup look. They may use more eyeshadow than mini does, but I never see smoky eyes neither.

I really think I can mix ar and mini styles together since they go for the similar makeup look. I think mini need more feminine elements and ar just too much for me so if I can mix them up, it will be the best style for me. It will take a while for me to figure out and show you guys. I think I can try doing their makeup style since I don’t like the way I look with heavy makeup. I think it is less stressful for my skin too. I just need to focus on taking care of my skin and my health. I really love this kind of style and makeup look.  Let see if I will write a post sharing my current style and teach people how to style in the future. It will be cool and awesome. But for now, I will try to work on my confidant and style more. Are you interested to see my journey? If so, I may record it on my Instagram or YouTube as well as my blog. Please let me know if it is something you interested to see.

What is your favorite magazine?


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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Style || mini || ar || Japanese Magazine

  1. We are the same age! 😅 I haven’t bought magazines in a long time actually, but I used to buy Vivi magazine whenever I got the chance. I like the styles shown in Japanese magazines because they are a bit more relatable and characteristic.

    I am the same – I don’t like the way I look with heavy makeup either! Even a makeup artist at Bobbi Brown told me this one time (that heavy makeup wouldn’t suit me) and I agreed. 😂

    1. Haha it is fun when getting advice from makeup artist. I just realize I am lazy. I tried to do smoky eyes but maybe I don’t have the skill, my eyes area look so dirty. XD I

      I love Japanese magazine although they make me want to lose weight. XD

      1. I have never tried smoky eyes on myself since I never believed that it would look good on me. Especially black smoky eye. I am still so newbie when it comes to doing my eyeshadow!

        I think Asian products and advertisements tend to make you feel that way!


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