Review: Klairs Fleshly Juiced Vitamin Drop


I finally write a review for this Klairs vitamin C serum. I actually finish the bottle 3 months ago. I really need to kick out this bad habit of procrastinating. You can expect me to post a review of different products every 3 days. Anyway, I originally got this serum because I want to clear my acne scars. I have tried another great vitamin C serum: Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serums, and it helps my scars a lot although it tingles my skin. I had heard so many great comments about this Klairs serum and said it works on sensitive skin so I was so excited to use this product.

Basic Information

This serum costs$23 USD for 35ml on Wishtrend. I also see this on UrbanOutfitter,, etc.

The ingredient list: Water, Propylen Glycol, Ascorbic Acid(5%), Hydroxyethylcellulose, Centella Asiatica Extract, Citrus Junos Fruit Extract, Illicium Verum(Anise) Fruit Extract, Citrus Paradisi(Grapefruit) Fruit Extract, Nelumbium Speciosum Flower Extract, Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Polysorbate 60, Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Extract, Chaenomeles Sinensis Fruit Extract, Orange Oil Brazil, Sodium Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Disodium EDTA, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Camellia Sinensis Callus Culture Extract, Larix Europaea Wood Extract, Chrysanthellum Indicum Extract, Rheum Palmatum Root Extract, Asarum Sieboldi Root Extract, Quercus Mongolia Leaf Extract, Persicaria Hydropiper Extract, Corydalis Turtschaninovii Root Extract, Coptis Chinensis Root Extract, Magnolia Obovata Bark Extract, Lysine HCL, Proline, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Acetyl Methionine, Theanine, Lecithin, Acetyl Glutamine,SH-Olgopeptide-1, SH-Olgopeptide-2, SH-Polypeptide-1, SH-Polypeptide-9, SH-Polypeptide-11, Bacillus/Soybean/Folic Acid Ferment Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Caprylyl Glycol, Butylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol

Well, this serum is cruelty-free and claims to energize and rejuvenate our skin. It is also meant to use on any skin type. 

My Thoughts



This serum has a dry-oil texture. It gets absorbed into the skin within 1 to 3 minutes depending on the skincare step before you put this on. I would recommend putting water base skincare before using this serum. If you have combination or oily skin, maybe use a lighter moisturizer after this since you may feel it is thick or heavy on your skin although it is not oily at all. I think people with dry skin will love the texture of this serum. Also, I didn’t feel any tingling on my sensitive skin. All my sensitive skin friends can go for it. It doesn’t have any fragrant, but if I stick my nose really close to it, it smells like very thin glue for me. Fortunately, I don’t smell anything after putting it on my face.

It doesn’t help fading my acne scars and marks, but it does a very good job on evening skin tone. I can see my face and neck have the same color on the third week using this product. My skin texture also improves. It is smoother and has a healthy glow. It also helps to control my sebum. It supplies oil to my skin so my skin generates less oil. My skin gets stronger and healthier after using this serum.

It doesn’t help any acne problem and maybe little heavy for summer, but it is the best fall/winter serum. If I am not using a balm as the night moisturizer, I would use this every night. Of course, if you are looking for a serum with target concern and expect a magical result, it is not the one for you. It is a very good serum for anyone who wants “one bottle for all” and would like to keep using the same product every day for many years. This serum moisturizes, energize and rejuvenate my skin. It does all it claims. 

In terms of the price, I think it is affordable for most people. This bottle lasts me more than 2 months to finish. I guess dry oil texture makes it easier to spread on skin before getting absorbed into the skin. I use up my water texture serum a lot quicker. It also doesn’t oxidize as quickly as other vitamin C serum. It still looks fresh and clear after two months. I think this serum worth the $23 USD since it does all it claims and so far, I don’t find any serum with a lower price that can do better than this one. Will I repurchase it? Absolutely yes! I was trying different new products so I only bought one bottle. Later when I see deals or sales on Wishtrend, I will stock up more for real sure.

Sorry about not posting any before after pictures. I was testing different products and have skipped few days using this serum so even I post one, it won’t be accurate. I will make sure to post a before-after picture next time when I use it every day since I like this serum and will add it to my everyday skincare routine. If you are interested in this serum, you can sign up a account using my affiliate link HERE, and you will receive a $5 USD cash voucher immediately that can be used right away.  If you didn’t receive a voucher, you can use my invitation code: 222570706 once you have an account. Anyway, thank you so much for reading.

Have you used any dry oil texture serum?


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6 thoughts on “Review: Klairs Fleshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

  1. For me it works magic for acne scars, it helps them fade faster and it’s great to remove texture of blemishes. I do use it on clean skin, so I’m sure it goes deeply into skin. I suppose skin is really personal thing, kinda hard to understand. xx

    1. That is good! I think maybe I have used the C21.5 serum before and it works better so I compare them and think this doesn’t work that great? Hmm I am not sure. For the overall performance, this is better.

    1. Thank you! It doesn’t help with scars that much. It mainly improve my skin texture and make my skin more healthy

    1. Haha I should’ve read their claim first. It is my bad. But, I love it after all. I am thinking as long as I keep my skin healthy, I won’t get more acne and scars will go away over time. I should focus on having a healthier lifestyle first. XD I just need to exercise more often to have a healthy lifestyle.


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