WishList 1 || Cruelty-free Vegan Makeup Products

Wishlist 1

I should name this post more accurate. This is my shopping list rather than a wishlist. Whenever I put something on my wishlist, they are items I am going to get but too poor at the moment. Below are few makeup items I am eyeing on and will purchase this year. If not this year, it will be next year. This time I only have 3 items to show you. Let’s see if we have similar taste.


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner & Ink Liner

I don’t know the exact reason. Only liquid eyeliner doesn’t smudge on me. I really like filling my waterline so liquid eyeliner may not be the best option. I originally like using Etude House gel pencil eyeliner, but since they are not a cruelty-free brand, I am not supporting them anymore and need to find a replacement. I have tried pencil eyeliner from 100% Pure, NYX, and some Japanese brands. None of them work for me. Past few days, I finally use liquid eyeliner very close to my waterline and started getting used to it. The liquid eyeliner I am using is from a Japanese that I don’t know their animal testing policy so I still want a cruelty-free vegan liquid eyeliner. Kat Von D is the first one comes to my mind. I have heard so many great comments about their tattoo eyeliner. I also see they have ink liner with multiple color options. I would like to try their brown tattoo eyeliner and the light purple ink eyeliner. I may get the grey ink liner if I like them. I will definitely buy them once I finish the Japanese liquid eyeliner. It will be at least half a year later unless the liner dries out.



Cover Fx Shimmer Veil

These shimmery creamy lip gloss looking eyeshadows are popular these days. I like how they look on lids and seems like they don’t need any blushes. I can use them alone with simple base makeup and ready to go. I am eyeing on this Cover Fx Shimmer Veil. They look amazing and the color selection is just my type of tea. I really like the shade Magic. It is a peachy pink color, and I can see myself wearing it a lot. I am not too sure but some of their shade may be good to use as a highlighter. This will look so beautiful on top of our regular eye makeup look too. We can put on the inner corners of our eyes or put some on the center of the eyelid. I am so inspired right now. I need to get this!


Colourpop Super Star Loose Pigment

Colourpop just launches new products two days ago, and I want them! Aren’t they just beautiful? I was not sure if I should get any of these since I have enough eyeshadows. But, when I saw the tutorial video showing these pigments on a girl with hooded eyes, I just put my money on the counter. You know sometimes it is hard to imagine a color on yourself when the model doesn’t share similar features with you. Most of the time I am scared if those colorful pigment looks too dramatic or gets hidden by my hooded eyes. The video gives me hope and courage to try these pigments. In the video, they also show many ways to use these pigments so I am excited. I am definitely going to buy some of these pigments. I think I would get 2 or 3 of their vegan pigments.

I think I am into shimmer eyes look these days. I watched a Korean beauty show the other day. There is a lady using lip gloss on top of her eyeshadow to make her eyes look shiny and moist. I mean in a good way. That shine is like the reflection of water surface. I personally think it is really beautiful. I may try to do the same eye look later and shows you.

Are you interested in any of these products?


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4 thoughts on “WishList 1 || Cruelty-free Vegan Makeup Products

    1. I think the only problem is their shipping and possible customs charge for the country they ship to. I remember I saw they have a free international shipping deal a month ago. Maybe check out their site once a while? I just like their wide color options.

    1. Thank you! I really like Colourpop. They also said will launch more colors for these pigments. I am excited


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