Trying Natural Oil: Maple Holistics Castor Oil


I don’t use mascara because my eyelashes are hard, and my eyelids are puffy. If I curl my eyelashes and use mascara, it will smudge after 2 hours. I wish I can have long eyelashes so I don’t need to use mascara. I don I was thinking to buy products that claim to help eyelashes grow longer, but they are bit pricey. I decided to try natural oil after hearing castor oil can help hair growth. I give it a shot and thank you Maple Holistics for sending me their Castor Oil for free. (Product Page) They have free sample program too so if you are interested in their products, you can check it out. (Link) They are cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

Castor oil has rich vitamin C and A. It can protect and moisture our skin. It can also promote hair growth. The one from Maple Holistics has 8oz. 100% pure castor oil in a recyclable bottle. It doesn’t have any color and the texture is thick and sticky. If you have tried vitamin E oil, this is bit lighter. It is better if mix with other lotion or cream, but I don’t think anyone will like it on the entire face.

I apply the oil with an eyelash brush. Before I got the brush, I use finger which is a mess. If you don’t have an eyelash brush and don’t want to use fingers, you can use cotton swabs. Little goes a long way. One drop is enough for both eyes. I tried to avoid using it on any other face area since I don’t want hair growth on my face. If it gets on your under eye area, you can wipe it with a wet cotton pad or towel.

I have been using it on my eyelashes every night for about one and a half month. So far, I don’t see any difference. My eyelashes didn’t get thicker or longer,  but I notice my eyelashes are stronger and less fallout. I will keep using it and hopefully, it can help my eyelashes grow longer. By the way, I have used it on my scalp twice, but it is too thick and heavy. I cannot bear the stickiness. My hair is too long now so I will try it on my scalp again after I cut my hair in January. I have an empty spot on my scalp where it used to have hair. I hope castor oil will help it. I am scared to try any hair growth product on the market since I don’t know if they are safe. I am planning to do it in a long run so I want everything to be safe and natural.

By the way, since I am talking about hair growth. Do you know about Dermaroller? I read about it from Maple Holistics Blog. (Link) I think it is an interesting concept. I have heard about it from a lot of different places. Some people use it for stretch marks or acne scars. I think it may help hair growth too. I think it will work well for younger people and people with a higher metabolism. I don’t think my skin will react well. As the article said at the end, we need to ask professional before trying it. No one wants to damage their skin.

Anyway, I will update again after half a year. One and a half month really don’t do much. I need more time to test this oil out. I will post before after pictures to show if castor oil really helps my hair growth. I just want to share this natural oil with all of you and want to know if anyone tries this oil before. Is it just me or it really takes time to see the result?


Have you heard of castor oil?


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5 thoughts on “Trying Natural Oil: Maple Holistics Castor Oil

  1. It’ll probably take a while before you notice any difference, but I’m curious as to see whether this’ll make your eyelashes grow longer. Let me know if you see any results!

    1. Thank you! I will keep you update. I think it helps a bit but I need to record my current length so it is easier to compare.

    1. I hope so. I have a bald spot and really want to fix it if possible. It will be amazing to help my hair grow thicker too. Thank you so much! You bring me hope!


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