Zenpop Beauty Pack|| 🍑 Peach theme

Hello, friends. This time, I am showing what I got from this Zenpop beauty pack. It is the peach theme so everything is peach scent or peach shape. I really like this pack since it is single purchase and feature items are always better quality. I personally prefer this more than NMNL box although this takes me ages to receive. Anyway, let’s watch my video!

I like the sailor moon perfume bottle and the peach soap the best. The eyeshadow is soft and has really cute colors, but it is not pigmented enough. Overall, it is a nice pack. I would recommend to check out their newest pack to see if you will like anything inside. (Here) This one I have is their older pack. Thanks for reading and watching! I hope you have a wonderful day.


What do you think about the peach soap?


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8 thoughts on “Zenpop Beauty Pack|| 🍑 Peach theme

    1. Aww Thank you so much! But you always look so beautiful on your videos and I love the way you talk and your voice!


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