Updates of Life: How I decide to start cruelty-free.


I was watching a video about a vegetarian guy piss on a bigger YouTuber who was showing her ethical clothing haul. He was upset that this bigger YouTuber cares about labors and fair trade but not the animals. The brand she made a purchase use wool for some items, and she bought leather shoes. Let’s ignore the T-shirt he is wearing is for sure made by people who get paid less than a penny in third world country.  I think he brings a good point that while we care about where and who made the clothes, we should care about what made the clothes, the other way around too. Does brand only sell 100% cotton made clothes ethical? Maybe not. We know some fair trade brands sell leather and wool made pieces too. Does it make them a bad brand? Maybe not. There aren’t “correct choice”. It really depends on which side you stand. Although I believe there are perfect brands that we need to spread the love, it really takes time and effort to find them. And most importantly, not everyone can afford vegan ethical clothes. Well, unless you can make your own clothes and ensure the fabric you got is ethical, ethical vegan brand are not friendly to poor people.

It is where I start thinking about myself. What can I do to become more ethical? Well, as you may see from my profile picture, I am a 100% Chinese and most of my younger life is in China. It is 10 years ago. We don’t pay attention to ethical brand and veganism. In fact, we are the people get paid less than a penny for a piece of clothing. We also believe veganism equal Buddhism. Well, at least people around me think veganism tie to religion, and it is not something we look up to. People make veganism is a pity thing to do. I think it is because meat is not something we can have every meal. Even now, if a steak is an inch thick in America, the one in China is at most 1 cm and three times more expansive. It is how I grew up and learned from the world around me. It is interesting that I never heard of cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle before I start blogging. I think it may because I was too focused on the Asian beauty world and people around me never mention it.

Sometimes it is a snap of thought that changes your decision and lifestyle. The documentary I watched back in high school doesn’t make me become a vegetarian or care more about the animals although I love animals. I truly think if I am always grateful for my food and who brings them to my plate, I don’t feel guilty for eating meat.  I am still thinking the same way. I am not going to be a vegetarian, but I am going to have a plant-based diet. I will buy seasonal food and from the local market. I am going to cook more vegan meals. It is little things I am changing. I think diet is the most important part of my life so it is the hardest thing to change.

Since I am not going to change my diet completely, I want to change things I am using, and I want to start with cosmetic and clothing. These are two things I can think of at a moment and not necessary for my life. I mean these two things are the easiest things I can change. I already stop buying more clothes and shoes. I am not a fan of leather, silk, and wool anyway. I may need to look up how other fabrics are made of and may get something other than cotton. I don’t know how to make clothes, but I know how to make bags. I will record it when I make it. I am just not sure if my sewing machine is still working.

In terms of cosmetic, I was going over all cosmetics I am currently using, and I am so disappointed that less than 10% of them are completely cruelty-free. By the way, if the mother company is not cruelty-free or if it imports to China, I don’t count it as cruelty-free. It is just because I am tired of hearing excuses from brands. For example, The Ordinary has their way to avoid the Chinese animal testing law and sell to their customers in mainland China. You can read more here. I am trying to get into the cruelty-free vegetarian cosmetic, but I have very little knowledge and need times to do some research for each product. I will slowly replace my current routine to cruelty-free vegetarian products. Once I finish something, it will get replaced since I don’t want to waste anything I am using now. I am also writing a list of cruelty-free vegetarian products so I know what I need to get. So far, I am still looking for moisturizer and body lotion. If you have any suggestion, please tell me. I would be happy to try it out.

Overall, I am doing a job on spending these days. I didn’t order any new things. The most recent order is an NYX palette that I ordered about 3 weeks ago. I don’t know how to think about NYX since the mother company is not cruelty-free. I will continue using what I am having and post honest reviews about them. You will surprise of how many products I own. I am thinking by the end of 2018, I will have 75% of my products get replaced. Honestly, skincare product I currently own can last me another year. But, expect to see more vegetarian cruelty-free related posts on my blog and Youtube channel. I want to go through this transition with you, and if I can make more people think about cruelty-free and motivate them, I will be very thankful.


What do you think about cruelty-free and vegetarian?



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10 thoughts on “Updates of Life: How I decide to start cruelty-free.

    1. I wasn’t against animal testing when I was a kid since back in the time, people are not good at making “safe” cosmetic. Even people tested on animals, there were still some skincare products cause big trouble on people skin. Now, I just feel confident in the technology, and I think testing on animals is not necessary anymore. And honestly, it makes me feel upset.

      1. Yes, when I was a kid I didn’t think much or know much about animal testing. Yes, you are right technology has come a long way and is always advancing so there is no need for animal testing. Me too, it upsets me to think about those poor animals and seeing images of what some companies do to animals. I’m glad that more people each year are becoming more aware and are now against animal testing x x


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