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Hello friends! I have a new video for you. I finally post my first impression for this lip and cheek product. I have tried other two-way makeup products before. (Link)  But, I was not satisfied with their formula and texture so I shopped this A:Concept lip and cheek while Althea had sales. They have 3 colors: Red, Pink, and Coral. I got all three and excited to try them out. Enough said, let’s check out my video:

Compare to other lip and cheek products, this has a lipstick texture. Not creamy or sticky. Not dry or cakey either. It can be used as lipstick easily. It is smooth and has nice pigmentation. If I prime my lips, the color is exactly the same as it looks. It is easy to blend on my skin too. Just a few little dots and it can give a healthy looking skin. After blending out, it is smooth and nonsticky on my skin. The color looks matte on both lip and cheek. I really like it.

In terms of the color, I think it is better to choose one that fits your skin tone. For me, I think warm tone color looks good on me. This pink color is more cool tone so I can only use it on my cheek. The red and coral are great colors on my skin. I personally prefer the coral color more. I think this Red can work well on both cool tone and warm tone. Honestly, these three colors are “safe” color. They don’t have anything special so are not eye-catching. On the other hand, they work on almost everyone.

Overall all, I love this A:Concept Lip and Cheek. I will be happier if they can have a larger size. This size is perfect for taking out, but I wish it can be used longer. Other than the size, I will repurchase the coral color in the future since I like the texture and color on me. Anyway, these three are enough for me. I can switch around depends on my mood of the day. They are the two-way products that have the best texture so far. I wish they can have more colors.

Which color would you like to try?


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