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Past week was crazy for me so I miss some posts, but I am back and bring some new items to show you! The first thing I want to share is this Lip & Cheek Cream from a Japanese brand called Candy Doll. If you check Simple Everyday Makeup, I did mention  Skin Food – Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Three Colors #Mini Tomato. It is a Korean 2-way makeup product with 3 different colors. I will compare it with this Candy Doll Lip & Cheek Cream since they both are 2-way products.


Price & Packaging

I got the SkinFood from eBay for $7.49 USD (Here), and the Candy Doll was included in the June NMNL box. It can also buy from eBay for $19.8 USD (Here).

The SkinFood has 3 different colors in a stainless steel container with a slide top. I love the container but wish it is not stainless steel since the inside will get wet easily. (Since stainless steel always cooler than the room temperature, inside has steam.)

The Candy Doll comes with one color in a plastic container which is lighter but easier to break. I like how I can see the product clearly so it is easier to find what I want from the makeup drawer.

Swatch & Blend

The SkinFood is pigmented. The texture is like a regular lipstick. Not dry but not oily either. It is not the powdery type of cheek. I think it is hard to blend. I have to use fingers to dab very quickly and make sure not using too much at once. The orange color in the middle is the lightest, and it is difficult to see it on cheeks. If I use the rose-pink on the right, it will be too pigmented on cheeks. It is hard to handle the amount we need. But, It works wonderfully on lips. It has three colors so it is easy to make a gradient lip. Simply use the lightest all-over lips and use the other two on the center of our lips. I love it. The final lip makeup is natural and not drying.

The Candy Doll is the opposite. It is very good on cheeks. It has a very light pink color after blend. (Like cherry blossom/Sakura) I think it is good for people who like natural looking cheeks. But when using on lips, it becomes a nude silver pink. It makes me look sick. The texture is oiler than the SkinFood. It is easy to blend and after it blends, it is smooth. I really like it on my cheek.

They both looks oily, but it is not oily looking on my face. If you like powdery cheek, these are not the type you will like, but both looks natural. By the way, I use my fingers to apply on my cheek and lip. I think cotton swap will work too.

Finish Look

Well, using my poor phone camera to take these two pictures is not a very good idea. I use the SkinFood on the left picture and use the Candy Doll on the right picture. It is hard to tell but in person, I have a sick look when I use the Candy Doll because of the lips. I personally like the SkinFood better as you can tell from my comparison. I like it has 3 colors and more affordable price. I think if I can get a more red color for the Candy Doll, I will like it more.


What do you think? Have you tried a 2-way product? I have used a lipstick for my cheek too. I think a normal lipstick can do this 2-way trick. XD I don’t see any magical about these 2-way products. I can see myself use up the SkinFood Lip & Cheek since I like it on my lips, but the Candy Doll poorly take me ages to finish. XD

I will post some unboxing posts and some more new item reviews. I hope you will like them. <3 I am working on my blog too. I just notice how many comments WordPress blocked. 🙁


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19 thoughts on “Korean vs Japanese – 2-way Lip & Cheek product

    1. I think the Korean makeup are easier to get everywhere compare to the Japanese. Look at that price. I bet the actual price is half down. For some reason, I feel like Japanese doesn’t like their products to ship worldwide 🙁

      1. Yeah I’ve seen a few Korean makeup brands popping up on different websites, I get what you mean about Japanese makeup it does seem more pricey! xx

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