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Hello! Welcome back to my blog. Today is another video showing what’s in my everyday bag. I posted a Basic things I need in my bag last year, and since I changed my lifestyle a little bit healthier, I think it is time to have an update.


I used to not carry any bag. I just had a key, phone, and a card in my pocket. Later, I had a bigger phone and it didn’t fit in my pocket anymore. As you may see in my video, my phone is huge. It doesn’t fit in a lot of small purses. If I need to carry a purse, I would bring more things in my purse. It is why I have so many things in my bag now.

I use a smaller purse to keep some little important things. It is easier for me whenever I change my bag. It makes my bag more organize and clean. I don’t keep any makeup product with me unless I know I will go out for more than 12 hours. I try to set my makeup nicely before I go out. I don’t do heavy makeup either. If I go out for long, I bring my compact with me so I can fix my makeup.

Now, I bring a water bottle with me to stay hydrated. It really helps me to drink more water. Sometimes I will put a small bag of snacks if I go for a walk. There was a time that I walked too far and forgot to bring money, I starved so badly. After that, I make sure I have a small snack like a snack bar or something.

I hope you like this video. What do you bring with you most of the day beside key and phone? I am thinking to make my own bag to work since all my bag cannot fit my lunch. I am waiting for the fabric to arrive. Let see if I remember to take pictures or video. 😉



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