August 2017 Favorite || Etude House, Taobao, Wishtrend, etc

It is September! It means it is time for the monthly favorite!! I don’t have much to share this time, or I should say if I share everything I love from August, it will be a 30 minutes video.

Things I mentioned in the video:

Etude House Super Slim Proof Gel Pencil Liner
Age 20s Essence Cover Pact (review)
By Wishtrend Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream
Handmade Beret –

August actually has a lot of K-pop comebacks and debuts. Hyuna just has her comeback this week. Jeong Sewoon has his solo debut last week, and his voice is gold! I forgot to mention N.flying in the video, but their newest song is my jam! Let me link their video here:

Let me link Gashina by Sunmi too:

Gashina is a really addicting! It keeps playing in my head. If you are not interested in this type of music, you can check out her fashion, makeup, and hairstyle. I think all makeup on her is really great. Sunmi has her unique vibe and her past comebacks are successful too. I really like her.

Not forget to mention, please check out Wanna One!

This is their stage performance of the song “Wanna Be”. It is a song that sings to their fan “Wannable” or autocorrects wannabe. 😉 It is really cute. They all have their own style and charming point. Please check them out and tell me if you like any of them!



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10 thoughts on “August 2017 Favorite || Etude House, Taobao, Wishtrend, etc

    1. Aww Thank you! I love beret with design or something extra instead of plain. I have a big head so most hats don’t look good on me XD I was so happy that I finally find a hat that can look good on me. 🙂


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