Summer K-Beauty Haul || Althea, Etude House, etc.

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If you read my previous post, you probably know that I am into minimalism. I haven’t purchased any new things since last week, but I still have some orders coming to my door. This is two of the orders I purchased last month.

I shopped Althea and Etude House. I saw Althea on Instagram, and they have a $20 coupon on the first purchase so I shopped from them. Yes, I fell into this trap. They require purchasing $40 and more in order to use this coupon. It is why I got so many things in my cart.


I got an empty cushion case and sponges so I can make my own BB cushion. I also got a body mist, a hair treatment, face powder, aloe vera gel, lip tint and much more. Overall, I really like shopping on Althea since they have so many brands that I haven’t tried. It is cool that they have their own product too. I will make sure review these and post update with you.


I also shopped from Etude House mainly for the eyeshadow palette. I added two more gel liner into my cart since I really love this gel liner. I was thinking to get all colors but I don’t think I will use purple or blue, so I got this wine color and a choco brown. I think they will fit fall and winter. they will work great with the palette too. Nail polish was a dollar each so I got 4. I also got a lip gloss to try and the rest are free gifts. It is why I love shopping from Korean. They give so many free stuff.  Sometimes, I think I own free stuff more than what I bought.

That’s all I have for today. Please check out my YouTube channel and videos if you want to see me unboxing these. I still have some order coming, and I will write some post about them too. Then I don’t think you will see any haul video or post from me. At least not within half a year. By the way, do you want me to try anything first? I will try the palette for sure, but do you want to see me try out other products in this haul? Tell me in the comment section. I will see you again in my next post. Have a wonderful day.


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10 thoughts on “Summer K-Beauty Haul || Althea, Etude House, etc.

  1. Your hair looks so nice! I can never get bangs haircut because my hair tends to get greasy, so it just wouldn’t look good after one day, especially if it’s by my forehead/hairline lol.

    Exciting haul! 🙂 I am on a no-spend right now till probably end of next month for beauty/makeup stuff ><!

    1. Aww Thank you so much!
      I used to have oily hair and get greasy really easily. But, I don’t know why. Maybe my diet? Maybe climate changes? My hair is normal and doesn’t get greasy like I used to.
      I am saving up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am writing down the regular price now so I can compare later when they have the biggest sale of the year. Some brands like making the original price higher to make it like big sale so need to watch out.

      1. My hair is less greasier too than when I was in high school, but can still look quite greasy at the roots. I ran out of dry shampoo a month or so ago and haven’t used any since…feel like that has helped too?!

        That’s so good. Maybe I will start doing that too? I already need to plan some of my Christmas presents to others!


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