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I have this YouTube series for past few weeks, and this is the last one. This time, I am going to share 4 YouTubers who inspire me in so many different ways! I cannot fit them in any catalog. It is the reason I put them all under lifestyle. I think they are lovely and so inspiring. I hope you will like them too.

Alex Centomo

I think the first video I watched from her is a back to school haul. I really like her fashion style. It is comfy, casual, cute-sexy, and practical. This style is ageless. Of course, it is about the details of the outfit and her fashion sense. The color we pick and the material it made can give an outfit a totally different vibe. I simply just like every piece she picks. She is beautiful, and I love her from head to toe. XD I really love her hair color and texture. She has long legs and nice body. I also like her face shape. She has a very cute face. I really like her smile. I think the main reason for me to really like her is that her lifestyle is my ideal goal. Fancy but still girls from next door.

Pick Up Limes

Can I say I subscribe her because of her meal prep? Her meal prep is more interesting and has more taste than other meal prep video I have watched. She also has life tips and other helpful videos. I recently really like watching these peaceful, calming, inspiring, and motivating videos so I follow her. She is pretty new YouTuber but has half a million subscribers already. I think it means her videos help me and a lot of people too.

Jenny Mustard

She is the one who inspires me to start getting into minimalism. I like how she said we all have a different minimalistic lifestyle and better not be harsh to people who have different lifestyle and views. It is our own journey. I also gain few tips from her. I would say her lifestyle is a little bit far from me, but I really like her videos. Always positive inspiring and motivating. I think you will like her too.


Honestly, who doesn’t like Marzia? She is the cutesiest person I have seen in my life.  I love everything about her. I always search her outfit online. XD Although my style is different from her, her outfits always have something cute that I just can’t resist. She also does cooking videos. But, I would say the video I enjoy the most is her vlog videos. I always stay at home and don’t really go out-of-town so I really like watching vlog videos. Her videos are really cute and calm. It is like we go traveling with her so I really like it.

I just notice that almost everyone I mention in this post are vegan. XD I don’t think I can ever become a vegan since I love meat. I just make sure I have gratitude for my food and people who make them come on my plate.

Anyway, I think I generally admire their lifestyle and unique taste in their own area. They are my main motivation and inspiration. I really think it is how influencers work. They show you their hard work and help you in their own way, and you admire their style and start taking their words and live a similar lifestyle. I am really new into this blogging and vlogging world. I can see my lifestyle change little by little, and I am really happy about it.

Do you know these people? Who are your influencers?



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6 thoughts on “Youtubers Who Always Inspire Me – Lifestyle

    1. Then you know her from very long ago 🙂 I started following her 3 years ago. She is so cute and always inspiring.

    1. Yes. I like her so much!
      I didn’t know about ASOS, and once I know it, I just can’t resist XD I am glad they do too. Their free return service is the best. Sometimes I get lost on their site. Too many things to choose XD

  1. Marzia always look so elegant and makes me want to wear something similar to what she wears even though i know i can’t pull it off XD

    1. lol Same here. I didn’t know any European brand or ASOS. I get into online shopping because of her. XD Why I am not in the UK? There are so many cute things.


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