What Does Minimalism Mean To Me

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I think most people already heard of minimalism. It is all over the internet. Some people think it is a trend or aesthetic thing. Some people think they can gain benefit from it. Some people just simply have a minimalist lifestyle. I am personally not a minimalist, but I got inspired and want to change my way of living a little bit. After I search up how to become a minimalist and saw many different minimalists, I want to share what does minimalism mean to me, and I hope this can inspire you too.

It is a Mindset

I think minimalism is a mindset instead of all these physical things we can see. Are you really a minimalist when you have less than 30 items in your closet, living in a small empty place, or only have color black, white, and gray in your life? Well, if these are things that make you feel comfortable and happy, it is wonderful. If none of these make you happy, you may be getting on the wrong path.

The main idea of minimalism is to have a simple happy life. Nothing more and nothing less. Wasting is a bad habit and causes trouble and worries. It is why minimalists have less physical stuff compare to most people. It doesn’t mean they always have a capsule wardrobe. They may have 50 items in their wardrobe, but they never own something that they won’t use. Why we mostly see color black, white, and gray? It could because they love these colors or these colors are the easiest to style. The key is to not having useless things.

Instead of focusing how to become a minimalist physically, it is more about the way we think and self-control. We need to keep questioning ourselves Why am I wanting to be a minimalist? Why am I wanting something that I won’t use? What makes me happy? What kind of life do I want to live? I think it is all about our self-reflection. I think it shouldn’t be something forceful. It is like what I am telling myself. I don’t need to throw away all my clothes, accessories, shoes, books, etc. We just need to start thinking like a “minimalist”.

Simple and Happy

It is all about being simple and happy. We are buying less, owning less, and wanting less. After we slowly get rid of stuff we don’t really need or want, we can focus more on things we love and need. We can focus on our hobby or the world around us. I believe a simpler life can help us focus on things we truly love and make us happier. It is similar that we always want a clean simple class note to study. It makes us easier to focus on the key points of the subject we are studying.

It is about simple and cares as fewer things as possible. Nothing extreme. If you own 20 shoes and really love them and will use them, keep all your shoes. You don’t need to wear two pairs of shoes only for all your days. If you love the colorful vivid theme, do it. Don’t get discouraged when your minimalistic lifestyle is different from most people. We all have different life and lifestyle. We may get inspired by other people, but we don’t need to change our life completely to fit in this “minimalism”.

Most importantly, what makes you happy? Does being a minimalist make you happy? Do you care about wasting, owning too many useless things, or worrying too many things in your life? I think it is awesome to try different things in our life. But, I am at the point that I think I own too many things and it doesn’t make me happy. I want to stop getting more and make the most out of what I currently have. As my blog name, I want to have a simple life.

I don’t think I will call myself a minimalist, but I love the way a minimalist live. It really inspires me to think about what I am doing. I think I own enough makeup and clothes, but I still have the subscription box and orders that I purchased. It is the time for me to stop purchasing more and start brainstorming what I truly need and want. Remember, It is not about decluttering. It is about controlling ourselves and living in a simple happy life.

What do you think about minimalism?



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30 thoughts on “What Does Minimalism Mean To Me

  1. This is such a thoughtful post and I’ve read very few like it. I think it’s great that your blog title centres around the theme of a simpler life and I’ve had a lot of thoughts about it myself. I can definitely relate and keen so see how things go 🙂
    ~Weng wengiful 

  2. This is such an interesting perspective! Some points are similar to my own. Check it out here💖 —https://emilyryannblogblog.wordpress.com/2017/07/23/what-minimalism-means-to-me/

  3. Perfect points! I was a little bit blinded by the whole concept of minimalism before I actually decided to live a more simple life, and I will admit that I was biased towards thinking that all it meant was owning a few things – not that it was a mindset.

    1. Thanks for reading and share your thoughts!
      I think it takes time for us to achieve the final stage of minimalism. (like those we saw on YouTube)
      And yes, I never think people who own very little of stuff are all minimalist. They may be the type that keep buying new things and throw away a lot of unused or barely used things. They just people who don’t keep things. They are not minimalist in my opinion.

  4. I like the idea of minimalism and the practice of it. I’ve canceled subscription boxes for a couple of months ago, as an effort to stick to using what I already have. Though, I do splurge and buy decorations/ practical necessities for my room. I gathered so much make-up and products over the year courtesy of Ipsy, Influenster & Target Beauty Boxes, so I’m currently working through those.

    1. I am going to cancel my subscription order too. I may keep the Pusheen box since I love it too much. But well, I don’t think I will continue getting makeup box. I don’t think I can finish everything I got.

        1. I don’t think all makeup sample has exp date label. I guess I need to make sure I finish them within a year once open.

            1. Samples are the hardest for me to keep track. I don’t own many travel size or full size product so I think it is ok.

  5. I’m NOT a minimalist! I have so many things I don’t use, it’s really terrible. But I do like the idea of a minimalist lifestyle… I just like to surround myself with stuff. I think one day I’ll be able to let go of stuff… just bit by bit!

    1. Right? The idea is really good. I think it can help me spend less. I still own a lot of things and don’t feel like throwing them yet. I just try to not adding more XD

    1. Hehe I just focus on not getting more for now. I feel like I don’t need to buy anything for 3 years now XD I still have some old order in the delivery truck

  6. I am like you. Actually, I am not that bad compared to a lot of people. But for myself, I believe I have reached my limit which was why I started challenging myself to use up products before I buy replacements or too much of the same thing. I didn’t like becoming this person that was holding onto too many products even though it isn’t actually a lot compared to what I see on YouTube of people’s collections.
    As for fashion items, I am liking more classic and basic items now that I can wear again and again for years to come and it won’t look out of date! 🙂 I don’t think I can be a minimalist 100% but I do like the values and am more productive with what I buy and use.

    1. Hehe I think good balance is to be 70% minimalist. I am looking at depop to see if I can sell some clothes I don’t wear anymore. I also need to check out Goodwill to see what pieces they accept. Some clothes I have are too old but still wearable (no broken). I want to get rid of them.
      The main problem I have is cannot resist sale. Recently I got inspired. “Will you buy it even it is 3 time more expensive?” I think sometime I buy things because they are cheap not because I really like them.
      I still need to spend on skincare, but I have enough for a year so let see if I can resist the BlackFriday sale XD Haha

      1. Skincare is always useful for me because I only buy for my skin type anyway. I very rarely buy bad products and I am also the type of person to finish something even if it is mediocre (unless it breaks out my skin then I stop using it).

        I actually find it harder to buy clothes because I’m not the person lucky enough to suit everything XD so I always try before I buy!

        1. I always order online so it is not a good habit. It is like when I see something cute and cheap, then I will add it to cart XD

    1. And sometimes these books may not have an audio version. We just need to make sure we think at least twice before getting something

    2. The point of minimalism for me to is to turn my focus from objects to people. I don’t think audiobook detracts from your relationships anymore than physical book does. I just try to avoid compulsory buys that will not add value to my life. If a physical book is adding value, then go for it!


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