Weekly Fitness JourneyUpdates – Aug 26TH, 2017

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Oh my gosh. My friend, I thought I would pass out on the first day of doing HIIT video. As I said on my last week updates, I am doing HIIT videos on YouTube, and I was doing the one here:

It doesn’t look hard at first, but trust me, I almost pass out after the second set. I couldn’t finish the last set and need to lay down to recover. I guess I was pushing myself too hard on the first day and didn’t have enough energy for the workout since I was on the intermittent fasting diet and workout in the morning. I learnt my lesson so I make sure I at least have a banana before working out. It is not fun and pretty scary.

So, I fixed this problem on my second day and felt better since I ate and the video I was doing is for arms and abs. It is less intense so I could make it. But, on Wednesday, I felt muscle on my calfs and abs. (It felt good and satisfy XD ) I  didn’t workout on Wednesday to Friday since I wasn’t sure if I can jump and exercise correctly. Since the muscle pain on my calfs made me hard to walk, and I didn’t want to break my ankles when I jump. I just made sure I took a good rest and exercise again in a safe and comfortable stage. But seriously guys, I love muscle pain the day after the workout. XD

Anyway, I like this week experience. I realized how weak I was, and the exercise I did for past few months are not actual exercise. I also know how strong I can be if I keep doing these HIIT exercise videos. I used to be a viewer for all these videos and finally decided to try them. The more I do, the more I learn and get inspired.

I will keep it update with you guys. I don’t feel like giving up yet so let see how these videos will help me. 😉



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    August 28, 2017

    Cheer you up from afar.

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      August 28, 2017

      Aw Thank you so much Yuna!

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        August 30, 2017

        My pleasure, Maggie. 🙂 I am half-heartedly doing it. 🙂