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Last time, I share two YouTubers who inspire me in the fitness area. This time, I am going to share 5 YouTubers who help me and inspire me in the beauty area. Honestly, I think YouTube is the easiest and quickest way to get beauty news and inspiration. It has been a long time since I go to physical stores to check out the new release and test things out. The Internet is a powerful thing.

PONY Syndrome

Of course, the first one is Pony. She shows me what is “makeup”. I am not kidding. She really talented.  She changes her face by makeup but nothing dramatic. I mean she knows her face so well that it is like she draws on her face. She set her hair super well too. I love all her videos although I don’t think I can do the same look for most of them. XD She is such a beautiful lady.


To be honest, I subscribe to her a few weeks ago. I really like how she reviews on eye shadow. You know we always see swatches? Her swatches use fingers and brushes so it is really helpful since we mostly apply eye shadow with brushes. She is honest and a mature lady. I can get a lot of useful information from her. I think the main reason for me to subscribe to her is her mature mind and how she really wants to help us. Some beauty guru just uses the product and talk about it a little bit, but she actually spends her time to test and show both pros and cons. I really appreciate it.

Hello Catie

Catie is a Taiwanese YouTuber who I also subscribe for her honest reviews. She mainly focuses on the Western brands. I have similar skin tone and skin type with her. She also likes warm tone makeup too.  Things work for her may work for me so I keep following her.


A Japanese YouTuber who I followed for the longest time. She locks her older videos for editing so there are not many videos on her channel now. And she actually just moved to a new channel HERE. (I just know it after I post this post) I always get Japanese cosmetics information from her. She is so pretty. She has the ideal look I want for myself. She is also a model in a Japanese magazine “Larme”. Anyway, I get my Japanese makeup inspiration from her most of the time.

Liah Yoo 리아유

She is the YouTuber that I trust in skin care area. I really like the hard work she put in her videos. They are research heavy and so many information to consume, but she makes it easy and fun to understand. Although we don’t share the same skin type, I really like getting information from her. I am trying tamanu oil as the spot treatment now, and it is working well. My mom is testing tamanu oil on her dark spots. Hope it helps to clear my skin like hers.

These are YouTubers who I love and follow for inspiration and information. There are some other YouTubers I check out occasionally but these 5 are the best for me so far. Are you following any of them? Where do you get your beauty inspiration and information from?


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12 thoughts on “YouTubers Who Always Inspire Me – Beauty

  1. I like Liah Yoo too! I don’t follow her but I have seen a few videos, and like you say, she’s research-heavy. I learn so much about skincare because of her video. I like another skincare youtuber who goes by the username Gothamista. She’s really savvy about skincare too. 🙂

    As I get older, I like watching beauty videos that are more useful. I don’t like it when they focus on beauty just for instagram. C’mon. We need to be realistic!!

    1. Oh! Thank you. Let me check her out!
      Same here. I want to know the truth behind these bottles. I want people to do research for me. XD There are too many beauty products in the industry. We need to be well educated to be able to identify what’s good, what’s not.

  2. I’m always looking for new you tubers to watch, especially the ones that don’t have a lot of subscribers, just because I find most of “popular” beauty gurus not really honest when it comes to products, also they always use super expensive products. I’ll check these out. xx

    1. Some popular YouTubers have been in the industry for very long time so they seem less excited as the newer ones. It is why I look for YouTubers who “test” the products instead of talking about the product. And I agree that they mostly just show off XD I don’t see them reviewing drug store brand that much.


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