Weekly Fitness Journey Updates – Aug 19TH, 2017

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Instead of listing what I have or haven’t for the past week, I want to share what I learned this week.

I was trying the “8 hours diet” that I learned from a Japanese show 2 years ago. I didn’t know it actually is not a diet, and it is called intermittent fasting. They also twist the truth to make it more like an “easy way to lose weight”.

So here is what I got from that Japanese show about this “8 hours diet”. You need to set an 8 hours time range for your day. (ex: 8am to 4pm) You can eat whatever you want during this 8 hours time range, but you have to stop eating or drinking other than this 8 hours range except for water or tea.

For intermittent fasting, it is similar except you still need to watch out your calories or amount of food you eat during that 8 hours. I mean nothing can help if you keep drinking soda or oil for 8 hours. And, intermittent fasting focus on the “fasting” (non-eating time) so instead of setting a fixed schedule, you can do a lot of different ways, and feel less guilty if you break the rules. For example, if you supposed to stop eating after 4 pm, but you have a meal that ends at 6 pm, just make sure you have a 16 hours fasting period, so your next meal should be at 10 am the next day. (Correct me if I am wrong.)

After reading some articles online, I think I should go back to my 8/16 intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting can help increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. I also think it is really good way to eliminate late night snacks. I originally have breakfast at 8 am and last meal at 6 pm. I just need to move my last meal to 4 pm so it is not impossible to do.

This week goals

  1. Start intermittent fasting (8/16)
  2. Wake up at 6:30 am (to exercise XD )
  3. Keep exercising (HIIT YouTube videos)



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10 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness Journey Updates – Aug 19TH, 2017

    1. lol Thanks. I almost pass out on the first day of following videos. XD I am so weak. I hope I will get strong soon. XD

  1. Those night snacks are a serious problem! 😀 I’ve been thinking about trying this method, but it’s really difficult to stick to it if you have an active social life.

    1. I saw they recommend 10/14 to women so technically, if we eat at 8am, our last meal is at 6pm. But since I am doing the 8/16, when I need to eat late for the day, I move my first meal to 12pm or 1pm. 😉

    2. When I was married my ex had me on a strict diet and I lost 85 pounds. After she left me, I hung around with artists all the time and their poor eating habits rubbed off on me. I gained it all back.


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