NMNL August 2017 – Hit or Miss?

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Am I addict to subscription service? Maybe. I think I just like the idea of mystery deliver to our doors. NMNL is one of the Japanese beauty subscriptions that I don’t want to miss. Don’t get me wrong. They did send products that disappoint me. I just like how they always include products we cannot find easily online. Maybe it is underrated or actually bad. Who knows? Although I wish there is a Japanese subscription box that has Canmake, Hada labo, and more well-known brand, trying something that no one knows is really fun and interesting for me.

Anyway, let’s see what is inside this month box!

Nomakenolife (NMNL) is a monthly Japanese beauty subscription box that contains 5 to 7 makeup, skincare, body, bath, and lifestyle products. It costs $29.99 USD including international shipping. They said they ship to 150+ countries.


Hada Bijin Tofu Soap

This bar soap is huge! I really don’t think it is for the face. I think it is for the body. This bar soap comes with a foaming net to help lather the perfect foam.  This soap mainly contains soybean extract and bitten. My mom already takes it to wash clothes when after I took this picture. XD

Lassic Creamy Mint Body Massage Milk

I really cannot find this on Google. This lotion contains caffeine, fruit extracts of orange, lemon, bilberry, and hyaluronic acid to help nourish the skin. By the way, the mint scent from this lotion is fragrance. I personally think it smells like alcohol. The texture is really light-weight and watery. It also instantly cools my skin. I think it is perfect for hot weather. It is really refreshing and non-sticky. Despite the scent and the ingredients, it is a really nice body lotion.

Coupy-Design Gel Eyeliner

You won’t believe me. When I search this eyeliner on Google, it actually sells for $20 USD on YamiBuy and Yesstyle! It is my first time to try the purple color on my eyes. I like pen type gel liner better now. It is easy to control and draw on my eyelids. I just hope it is slimmer so I can draw thinner line and wing. It is the double thickness of my Etude House eyeliner. I try to wear it for a day. It will melt if you have oily eyelids and touch it too often. Otherwise, it is pretty long-lasting and pigmentated. I like it! But, will I buy other colors? No, unless I go to Japan, and it is cheaper than $20 USD. XD


Candy Faceline Massage Toothbrush

This is a really interesting toothbrush. Massaging the face muscles while brushing our teeth. I honestly think it is good for people who talk a lot and use mouth muscles a lot. It can help to relieve the mouth muscles. But, it is not practical. I bet people throw it away after 5 uses. As I said in the video, it is so hard to use it to clean our most inner teeth. Unless we brush our teeth twice, how it can clean all our teeth?

Rune Raito’s Rune Girl Face Mask

This is a 10 minutes mask that use the moisturizing formula to nourish our skin. I tried it yesterday. It is really hydrating and contains a lot of essences. After 10 minutes, the sheet still wet so I used it on my hands. The sheet is cotton and has a wired fit. It has a big eye and mouth area, but if I pull it around, it can cover the area around my mouth and eyes. I think this mask is mainly for the package. The mask sheet package is like something from the chemistry lab. By the way, Rune Raito is also called the root of kawaii in Japan. I guess this mask is more expensive than I thought.


I feel disappointed with this month box. Although I knew they don’t include anything really surprising, I thought they can at least include more products. I can’t even calculate the actual price for the box. I don’t believe the eyeliner actually cost $20 USD in Japan. But, each product should be worth more than $6 USD averagely. I am going to keep my subscription for few more months to see if they improve. When businesses don’t listen to their customers, they are going down, and it is wastes of money and time. Let’s see. I am searching other Japanese beauty subscription box that is better and can replace the NMNL box. Do you have any suggestion? Is there any product in this box you would like to try?


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6 thoughts on “NMNL August 2017 – Hit or Miss?

  1. This is the second month I am skipping the box (I pay on the 30th so I can see people’s instagram photos before they ship my box). I really hope they include more known brands in the future, just like you said.

    1. It is nice! You can see what’s inside the box before paying. Smart way to save money. I really think they can do better. I start getting annoy by their Instagram. They keep posting pictures of products that never include in the box. Really rise up our expectation but reality is so cruel 🙁

  2. Ohh my friend subscribes to this box!! I wonder if they ship different boxes depending where you are though. Also, I checked on the main website, and past boxes, they seem to have Shiseido, Heroine Make, Hada Labo + some other nice brand so maybe just need to be patient? XD

    Do you buy less makeup and beauty products do you think, now that you subscribe to boxes?

    1. I hope they don’t ship different box XD I subscribe for 3 months now. So far this month is the worst. Previous months are not bad. But they definitely losing customer since they start giving extra goodies to new subscriber or upgrade the current subscription (1 month sub to 3 month, etc)

      I think they fill in the gap. I still buy serum, night cream and foundation. If I spot very cute makeup, I will buy those too. But I don’t need to buy sunscreen and cleanser anymore. I think I soonly will get tired of them, but it is fun to try new brands XD


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