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Hello everyone! How are you doing today? I just watch some YouTube videos and suddenly want to share some awesome YouTube channels that I have been following for long. I decide to break it down to fitness, beauty, and lifestyle sections. If you guys like these kinds of post, I may add an entertainment section too.

For this post, I am going to tell you two YouTubers I have been following for long and want to follow their fitness videos for rest of the year to have a healthier 2017. It is funny that most of the time I just sit in front of the screen and watch them work out.

Rachel Aust

Rachel also has a blog. Her blog and channel talk about fitness, lifestyle, minimalism, and more. I love Rachel’s meal prep videos! They are easy and so delicious! I was trying a low-carb diet and her meal prep just perfect for me. I learn a lot of delicious ways to cook my fish and chicken. Sometimes, it just a torture when I have to eat steam fish every day for few weeks so her videos really inspire me. I am going to follow a low-carb diet again for next few months along with exercise. I hope it can help me get fitter. If you are looking for new meal prep ideas, I recommend you to check out her meal prep videos. If you are into minimalism, check out her video too. She is an awesome successful woman. I really like her.

Chole Ting

Chole is one of my body goals. I really admire her body. Look at that booty! She also has a blog! Her blog and channel talk about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and fitness. I think most people subscribe for her body secret. I always want a slim waist and a bubble butt. After I watched her workout videos, I notice how much work she puts on her body, and it really motivates me! Her fitness videos are short and doable. I have seen a lot of workout videos that don’t work or not doable for people who don’t exercise regularly like me. I am going to follow her video every day and hope for the best. I always sit in front of the screen, watch her videos, and feel so fit. XD Of course, I need to put way more work if I want to have a booty like hers, but I want to start doing some workouts that help me to have my best booty. If one year is not enough, I can do it for more years. As long as I keep working on it, I will get what I want in one day.

I know there are more awesome fitness YouTubers, but these two channels stay on my subscription list for a very long time, and I check their channels regularly.  I am watching their older videos to refresh my memory and save some videos for my fitness journey. I think I am going to follow their videos are rest of this year and show you how it goes. 😉 Do you have any favorite fitness bloggers or YouTubers? I would like to know.



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11 thoughts on “YouTubers who always motivate me – Fitness

    1. Also I watched one of her bullet journal video’s and she said she was 2 and a half months ahead with with scheduled video’s. I was like wow, such goals haha, so extremely organised x x

      1. XD Same here. It is my goal too. I need to plan at least one video ahead. Maybe filming one that can post anytime in case out of internet

  1. Omg I follow Chloe Ting too!!! She has an amazing body @_@ I’ve watched quite a lot of fitness youtubers but she is different. She is fit and petite but somehow also keeps her body curvy too! I need to try out more of her workouts but I like her work ethic and passion for fitness.

    1. Yeah! High five! I really like her lookbook video too. She really motivates me to workout. She is super nice too. I left a workout question on the comment section and she replied on the same day with details. Love her <3


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