Weekly Fitness Journey Updates – Aug 5th, 2017

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Hello! This is my first-week update! This type of post will be super short. It is more like my journal to keep a record and stay motivated. Let’s see what I have done and not done this week!

My basic information to track progress:

Height: 163cm Current Weight: 126 lb Waist: 29 inches

Current Weight: 126 lb Waist: 29 inches

Waist: 27.5 to 29 inches (Wake up with empty stomach to Bloating at night)


  1. No late night snacks
  2. Drink more water (1.5 L)
  3. No fatty food
  4. No salty food

Not Done:

  1. Sleep before 11 pm (fail 3/7 day)
  2. Wake up before 7 am
  3. Exercise every day (fail 4/7 day)

Coming Week Goal:

  1. Exercise every day (5 minutes each day)
  2. Wake up at 6:45 am
  3. Eat more veggie


This is my first week, and I feel like I should record some meals I have. Let see if I will remember. XD I keep feeling I didn’t eat enough veggie so I want to reduce intake of bad carbs (white rice and bread) and increase the intake of veggies. I try to not drink smoothie too often since they have too much sugar. I think I need to make a veggie smoothie instead of fruit smoothie. Let me search receipt online. Do you know anyone uses Asian veggie to make smoothies? I have a lot of Asian veggie in the fridge. XD


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7 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness Journey Updates – Aug 5th, 2017

  1. This is a good idea 🙂 I need to do something like this too or at least on paper.

    You are right about the smoothie, but I think if you measure it well, it’s not so bad. Just don’t go crazy haha.

    My main problem is not drinking enough water and eating enough fruits/fibres so I need to work on this.

    1. For water, I just keep filling my cup and go to bathroom. XD Whenever I remember, I just drink half a cup. It make me go to bathroom every two hours. And I make sure I at least eat an apple a day.
      My mom is in love with smoothie but don’t really understand it. She put grapes, strawberries, blueberries together and it is too sweet. It makes me feel sick. I would rather eat them individually.

      1. I think I just need to get myself a really big and tall cup. Maybe the type with the straw!

        Wow so many fruits. Lol I think that’s common mistake.. people think the more fruits the better, but it’s possible to have sugar overload. I usually just keep it simple with smoothies!

  2. I love your fitness posts 🙂 🙂 I like this short post, it’s such a good way to stay on track and keep motivated <3 <3 I really need to do this as well. I eat a lot of veggies and drink lots of water, but sometimes eat bad late night snacks (I have to stop this haha). Keep going with your fitness goals. Your doing so well! x x


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