Random Journal #5 – What do you want from Blogging


I started blogging in November 2016, and I wasn’t thinking I will be big or earning anything from blogging. I originally created this blog to learn and test if I can create my own online business as well as getting potential customers. I just don’t like the idea of working in someone company for my life especially I may quit my job when I have kids. I want to have a home job so I can take care my family and work at home. It is why I want to open my own shop. It may sell something I bought from wholesale or something I made. I just need to earn enough money for living, and I will be super happy.

When I was searching tips online on how to create a successful blog, people keep saying we should blog what we love and something helpful. I personally don’t know what I am really good at that can teach others, so I just share whatever I have near me and something I am interested in. Well, I am like most girls. I like makeup, skincare, fashion, and anything cute. It is why you see a lot of beauty related posts on my blog. I get more dedicated on my skin and wear makeup more after I focus on beauty too.

For me, blogging is a fun way to learn. I learn a lot of beauty tips, news, and deals from other bloggers and from my blog post research. I practice my English writing and grammar by writing and reading posts. I feel more comfortable writing now. I learn different cultures and thoughts from other bloggers and my readers. Everyone is so different and their thoughts and life are so interesting and inspiring! These aren’t something I normally would learn and do. If I don’t start blogging, I probably spend my entire day on watching anime and reading manga instead of knowing other people life. I won’t do research on how to create a website. I wouldn’t know how bloggers can make money. I wouldn’t know how much time and effort a blogger put on a single blog post. I may have the stereotype that bloggers earn thousands from a blog post effortlessly. Every day, I learn new things and meet new people around the world. I come out from my own shell and exploring the world. Instead of teaching others, I learn more from others, and I am happy about it.

Blogging also helps me know myself better and gives me confidence. I originally didn’t want to put my pictures online. I mean I never put my pictures online. Not on Facebook or Instagram either. I don’t think people would like my appearance. I actually don’t think anyone would like to read my blog post and want to know about me. It is surprising to see people click my post and read them. I gain confidence from all my nice readers and followers. You are so patient and nice. Maybe my post doesn’t inspire you or interesting, but you are nice to leave some encouraging comments and words that keep me going. I am so glad that I started blogging and decided to come out from my shell. I spend more time to think about what I want to achieve, what I need, what I truly want, and what I can do. I still need to find my strength and something I can help others. I want to be a more helpful person. It really needs time for me to figure it out. It is also why I love about blogging.

Recently, I got a camera and started getting used to it. I want to make videos and better contents. It is where I got lost. I started wondering what I can offer to my readers. Although I will post something beauty related, I am scared what if I am not good enough? There are so many experts out there. They don’t need me. I don’t scared of hate comments. I just scared I am not helpful enough. But, when I look at my blog, I feel like I can do it. It is the continuation of my learning journey. No one is an expert from the beginning. We all learn and get better. We may get lost at some point, but if we keep learning and practicing we will become another expert one day. It may take me more than 10 years or my entire life, but I am excited to learn more and improve myself. I think even I couldn’t get a huge community, I can at least be an expert on video editing, and I can teach people how to edit video in future.

All my work will help me someday, and I never regret to start blogging. I will continue learning more and improve myself. I want to become a helpful influencer and have my own online business. I really love what I get from blogging especially it gives me chances to meet all you lovely people! I don’t think I will continue to blog without you all so thank you so much! I hope you enjoy my little journal. Before we meet again, please tell me: What do you want from blogging?


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8 thoughts on “Random Journal #5 – What do you want from Blogging

  1. I agree with confidence thing, blogging definitely helps with confidence and image about yourself. Can’t wait so watch your videos girl. xx


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