Summer Favorite: Country & Stream Honey UV Water Gel

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It gets warmer and sunnier these past months. We wear sleeveless tops and more skin showing. It is so important to apply sunscreen to protect our skin, but most sunscreens are too thick and sticky for summer. Although most base makeup and moisturizers contain sun block, we still need sunscreen for body and no makeup day.

I got this Country & Stream Honey UV Water Gel SPF 32 PA+++ from the June 2017 NMNL box. You can find it from beautius for $18.9 USD. 180g of product for $18.9 USD is not bad since most Asian sunblock only has 50g and costs around $8 USD.

This sunscreen contains honey, royal jelly extract, collagens, hyaluronic acids and rosemary, jojoba and lavender extract to help our skin stay hydrated. Please note that this sunscreen also contains alcohol. This is the main reason to have a super lightweight and no white cast sunscreen. So far, I haven’t seen any watery sunscreen doesn’t contain alcohol. If you are allergic to alcohol, stay away from watery sun blocks.

As I mention, it doesn’t leave any white cast. It gets absorbed fast. I put it on my face and wait for 1 minutes, then I can put makeup on. Sometimes, I don’t like sticky feeling on my legs but want to show some skin. I would put this on instead of regular sunblocks. It doesn’t hydrate or dry out my skin. It doesn’t break my skin out either. I just try to avoid using any skincare product that has alcohol. I just use this on my lazy days.

This sunscreen isn’t fragrance-free. It has a medicine scent but my brother said it smells like lemon. XD The scent fades away after the sunscreen gets absorbed. The more I use it, the more I can ignore the scent.

Although I doubt if it can actually block UV ray and protect our skin, it is better than nothing. I definitely will go for thicker sun block when the weather is not too warm. At least the thick layer can block some sun. XD  I also love the container design. This pump makes this sunblock so convenient to use. I like it more than spray since it is easier to adjust the amount I need and keep it clean. I just need to pump some in a separate container to take to work or travel. It is a good summer sunscreen for daily use.

Recently, it has more sunscreen that works as base makeup or primer. It is harder to find sunscreen without white casts and not use as makeup. What sunscreen are you using? I am still searching watery sunscreen without alcohol. Any recommendation?



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4 thoughts on “Summer Favorite: Country & Stream Honey UV Water Gel

    1. Sometimes I forget to use it. Luckily this gets absorbed quick and pump design make me no excuse XD

  1. I like how this comes with a pump – so convenient.
    It’s such a trade-off with effective sunscreens and how they look / feel on the skin. I don’t love having thick layer of sunscreen on my skin but I’d rather not be wrinkly when I am old. 😛


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