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Yeah! I finally finish my Etude House Real Powder Cushion. (Actually, it is expired and make me breakout. XD ) I also can’t wait to use this cutie that exists for ages. It is the Holika Holika Face 2 Change DoDo CAT Glow Cushion BB. I got it when Memebox had a great sale as I mention on my May 2017 Makeup Purchases. I honestly got it for the kitty. XD

I like using cushions because they are easy to use, carry around, and fix makeup. The only downside is their shade option. They always come with 2 shade, and none of it matches my skin tone. Some cushions are grayer than others, and it makes our skin looks fake and dead. Cushions are getting better this year, and they look more natural and provide great coverage. If they can have more shade options, it will be wonderful.

This BB cushion has SPF50+/PA+++ to protect our skin from sun damage and radiation. You can find it on Memebox, Amazon, Ebay, and other online stores. Price around $8 to $23 USD depending on where and when you buy it. It claims it can complete a natural glowing, and flawless complexion.

The cushion comes with a big mirror and a puff. Instead of having a single color, it has two. The white cat footstep part is the brightener and the remaining part is the foundation. It is an interesting concept that you can use the foundation alone and use the brightener as a highlighter. Or you can use both and have a brighter glowing skin.

The sponge has a rough surface and cannot get foundation on the puff evenly. I have to press hard to get the foundation out. Once I use it few more times, the product is easier to get on the puff. I guess the foundation just sink in the bottom. The cat footstep is very cute and it is not white on the puff or face. It does give a glow. (Some people call it oily)

Compare to some base products (except foundation) I have tried, it has a medium coverage. It cannot cover acne scars, but it is enough to cover any redness and dark circles. The shade matches my actual skin tone and doesn’t have any gray or ashy color. When it under the sun, it looks more natural and glowing.  It is light and not sticky. I personally like higher coverage cushion since putting multiple layers would make a heavy makeup looking.

I have been using it every day for past week and doesn’t recommend using it if you want a long-lasting base makeup. First of all, it doesn’t make my face look cakey or crack in the middle of the day. It just melts. XD

I guess if you have normal to dry skin, you may like it. I think it is because my skincare is too much and the weather getting warmer. It doesn’t make me feel moisturize, but it will melt and fade after 4 hours for me. I have combination skin. (More on the dry side.) I need to fix it after 4 hours and luckily it is light so I don’t feel uncomfortable. I think 4 hours is also a good time to reapply sunblock too.

Overall, I think it is an ok cushion with its price. (If you get it on sale for $9 USD) The packaging is cute, and it matches my skin tone. It is light on the skin and has medium coverage. We just need to make sure use it to fix makeup every 4 hours or use face powder to make it last longer.

Do you use cushion? Which one is your most favorite so far? Also, What is your price limit for a base product? I saw 3CE has a new cushion and cost $35 USD. It is expensive for me to try. So sad that I cannot go to any local store to try it either.

That’s all for me today. Hope you have a wonderful and amazing day <3



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16 thoughts on “Review: Holika Holika DoDo CAT Glow Cushion BB

    1. The paw is one of the reasons I buy it. XD I think Maybelline has a foundation cushion, and I am tempted to try it! They are so easy to use and take with us.

    1. I have that cushion for a year (open) already and recently it cause me breakout XD I need to make sure finish them within a year after open.
      I tried with the face powder I have and it last about 5 to 6 hours. After that ,it still melt and need to fix. It won’t wash away or compeletly gone. But it float on top on my skin after 5 hours.

      1. Omg! That’s so dangerous! I think you should try wearing it everyday because mine is almost empty after about 4 months! I guess touching up is necessary when using this product.

        1. Now I make sure I don’t buy base product just for try. It is such a waste if cannot finish them within time.

    1. Anything cute just makes me want to try. XD You move to wixsite! Tells us how it goes and what’s the difference compare to WP when you have time. 😉

    1. It is <3 I think this is my first time seeing special design on the sponge part. Usually just blank or circles.

  1. Such an informative review Maggie! The color suits you very well, and it really looks great on you. Sending love from the Philippines! 💞


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