Two Cute Stores I love!!!

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As some of you may know, I shop from Taobao for cheap cute clothing and accessories. I found some people have misunderstandings of Taobao. They think everything sold on Taobao is fake or very poor quality. I agree that 70% on Taobao are copies of brands and are made with cheap material. It really takes time and patience to find original design but no pain no gain. I found three stores that I really like. One of it is a copycat with generally nice materials. Two are original and hand-made. I am going to show my love for these two stores. They show what I truly love although I don’t think they match the rest of my wardrobe.

Note: All pictures belong to the original owner. I will post their store website so if you use these pictures, please give the credit to the owner, and keep the watermark.


 (Shop Link)

This is my love forever! I wish I am skillful enough to make these cuties. So far I just into UV resin and hopefully, after more practice, I can make something glorious like these.

Isn’t these adorable? They make me hungry. XD I read reviews and saw pictures. The actual item is 99% same as the picture. I am saving my money. (Thanks to recent sales everywhere.) I want to order some of them at least for display. I am not sure if these will work with my wardrobe and face. I just want them!


(Shop Link)

This is a very similar to Cornnn, but I think goodies here are more “wearable”. I have bought few earrings from them and love them so much!

Aren’t these adorable too? They just catch my heart and make me spend all my saving. Cakecakie also sells some goodies that are handmade but same design everywhere on Taobao. Most of the above are unique, and I haven’t seen similar items on other stores.

You can check out If I am rich to add more pieces to my closet… to see my style. 😉 After I read my old post, I think my ideal wardrobe matches with these cuties well. I am slowly replacing my old pieces with items I really like. I think I won’t let them dusty on my drawer. XD I am getting closer to what I want now. 😉

I also love some Korean and Britain clothing brands. I have enough of basic cheap clothing. I am saving up and possibly buy few new pieces once a year or half a year. I honestly won’t buy clothes more than $50 except jacket and coat. I would rather spend money on my skin. XD

Anyway, I love every cute little thing and admire every skillful person in the world! My current hobby is to practice my UV resin skill and let see when I am confident enough to show you my work. 😉

Is there any new store you are into recently? (Like bookmark the site and check them out frequently?) Let me know! I want to know more new shop! Maybe we have similar taste.


PS: If you want to buy on Taobao, check out I use this site to shop some Taobao item that only ship within China. If you wish to, I can write a post to teach step by step. You can send me an email, leave a comment or find me on social media. I can help you to translate and answer any question.


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