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I got another Zenpop beauty box! I think it is still available on Zenpop. If you are interested in getting one after checking out this post, you can go to this page. You can also check out my previous post for some basic information about Zenpop too: Sakura Beauty Box Shipped from Japan – Zenpop. They have non-beauty boxes and ship to a lot of different countries. I feel bad when you can’t get something I shared so I am glad they ship to different countries.

This beauty box I got cost $29.5 USD including shipping. I try Zenpop because it is a new company too. They just start this year so I have such a high hope on this. I hope you will like this too. So here is what inside the box:

Muji Moisturising Milk & Muji Light Toning Water

Muji is a very popular brand/shop! They sell anything! Everything they sell is simple and good quality. I used to shop school supplies from Muji when I was in Hong Kong. I knew that they sell skincare products but never have a chance to try them. I am so happy to get these two small bottles from this box.

On the back of this 50ml bottle, it labels 260 Yen so it is around $2.4 USD each bottle. They don’t have any scent. The lotion is really light and moisture enough for normal and oily skin in summer. The toner is water texture. Both lotion and toner are for sensitive skin and contains grapefruit seed oil. I need to try it soon so I can write a review. I think this set will help my skin to take a good break.


Rosette Ocean Clay Cleansing Paste

This is also a travel size. I saw the full-size (120g) on Sasa.com and costs $5.8 USD so this travel size (30g) costs $1.45 USD. I saw Rosette’s face wash a lot too. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I heard it cleans really well and may be little dry for dry skin. I think 120 g for $5.8 USD is a fair price if this works well.

Madam Juju Face Cream

This is a multi-face cream for lazy people like me! It can be used as a regular face cream or as a primer. This 45g face cream cost $11.9 USD on Yesstyle. (This is the only one I can find online) This cream looks like frosting or mousse. It is heavy and thick on the skin, but it is effective. The next morning, my skin just not sensitively dry anymore.  My skin gets smoother and softer. I will continue to use it and see if it will in my monthly favorite. It is working better than it looks.


Dry Konjac Face Cleansing Puff

I can find exact same puff, but I saw similar puff on Amazon for $5. It is a puff that will get soft when wet and can gently cleanse and exfoliates the skin. I really want to try it since I saw these konjac puffs a lot on YouTube. I am happy to see this in this box. <3 And do you notice? It is heart-shaped. XD


Kuma-non – Under Eye Sheet

This under eye sheet can moisture and refresh the under eye area so it helps to eliminate dark circle. I found this on Yesstyle. 3 sheets cost $6 USD so 1 sheet costs $2 USD. One pair can use multiple times so I think it worth the price. I hope it helps to prevent wrinkle. 😉


Bathclin Relaxing Neroli Aroma Bath Powder

A Bath item! I want to use it on my feet bath. This is supposed to help improve blood circulation and relax our muscle. This bag can last me very long time since I don’t take bath often. By the way, I can’t find this online so it is more valuable. XD


Nagomin Body Wash Mitten

I got a similar one from Daiso for $1.5 USD! I like using it to exfoliate my skin especially my back and knees. I love this little cutie <3 I will open it once mine get old since I don’t want this to get dirty. Do you use a cleansing cloth or something to exfoliate your body skin?



The approximate box value is $26.65 + shipping + (unknown price for bath powder). I think Zenpop is doing a fair job since they are new. I wish they can get popular and once they earn more money, they can include full-size beauty product instead of the travel size. Sometimes travel size beauty product in these kinds of box turns me off. I honestly got a little disappointed when I open it. XD I thought the Muji lotion and toner are full-size when I saw the spoiler picture. I will be more careful next time when I see they update a new box.

What you think about getting travel size product in a beauty box? Do you prefer getting the full-size product to worth the price but may waste the entire bottle, or get the travel size but waste less product when it doesn’t work for you?


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