Full Face Makeup with Beautycon Summer 2017 Box


Time goes by so fast, it has been 3 months since my last Beautycon unboxing. Beautycon box is a US resident only beauty box cost $29/quarter + handling & shipping. I still using the OGX hair spray I got from the spring 2017 box. It is amazing! It smells so nice and makes my hair so smooth. I also love the BrowGal Eyebrow kit. After I start using the BrowGal, I can’t go back to the eyebrow pencil. Generally, the total value of the box is worth way more than $29. I couldn’t wait to show you what I got in this summer essential box.


ColourPop Cosmetics – Ultra Satin Lip in London Fog

I have heard so many suggestion and positive review for ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip collection. I am so happy to see one in this Beautycon box! This London Fog is a pinky red color. If using a tissue to slightly pad on top of the lip, it will take away the satin shine and give a completed matte look. It is very long lasting. 70% of color remains after having a meal. I personally like it better after a meal since it will be less red and pinker. Since it is long-lasting, it is so difficult to remove. XD Please be careful when you use this. It is a trouble if it gets on clothes. I guess I know the brand of those “kiss mark on husband’s shirt”. XD


Deco Miami – Lemon Blossom Cuticle Oil

It is interesting that I get the Deco Miami nail polish from this month Allure Beauty Box. I guess they really want me to take care my fingers. XD This is my all-year essential, especially in winter. My fingers get dry and ugly in colder dryer weather.

Deco Miami – Beautycon Pink Glass Nail File

This is my first time to use a glass nail file. I thought it would give some squeaky sounds, but it just works like other nail files. I like it is harder and looks more beautiful than a regular paper/cardboard nail file.

Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics – Gold Plated Eyeshadow Crayon

I love this! When I use it like a pen, the color is golden brown. When I blend it out, it becomes a natural light gold. I think it will be wonderful to use it alone with simple eyeliner. It is very easy to use too. I just need to lightly draw on my eyelids. It is smooth, and it is shimmer but not glittery. It is natural and beautiful. I love it so much! I read on their site that it is vegan and cruelty-free.


Doucce – Lush Lip Gloss in Glistening Petals

I like this color more than the ColourPop London Fog. It is less bright and more to the neutral side. When it is on my lip, it looks like my natural nude lip color. I just hope it is not a lip gloss since I hate that oily shine looking and sticky feeling. The actual color is darker than the picture and it is more like a beige color. It is a new color to me. Not bad. 😉


Feel Beauty – Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sheet Masks

This mask claims to detoxify and minimalize pores. The instruction also says it need to leave on the skin at least 30 minutes which is opposite than most sheet mask. I am curious if it really does what it claim, and if it is moist enough to put on more than 30 minutes. I will post a short review in my Instagram later this week. I hope it is amazing!

Freeman Beauty – Renewing Cucumber Peel-off Mask

I had one when I was in college. It is a really nice weekly mask. I just try to avoid anything that pulls my skin. I think the pulling will cause wrinkles. It is painful if I get it on my eyebrows too. XD I also think it is not a good enough for oily skin unless using it more often.

Jonteblu – Electric Blue Eyeliner Pencil

I like this blue. It is metallic and reminds me of the avatar. XD Beautiful blue suits summer. I just hope it harder to remove. I can clean it easily with tissue only. I guess it is not an eyeliner for water activity or long day wear. It is quite disappointing. 🙁

MakeupDrop x Beautycon – The Original Silicone Makeup Applicator

This little thing was so popular when it first comes out. I really like the concept. It is easier to clean and won’t absorb any foundation. After I tried it with my regular cc cream and cushion, I think my fingers can do better than it. XD It is so hard to use it to blend the cream. I may be using it wrong or not used to it, but I prefer my fingers better.

Manna Kadar Beauty – Flutter Mascara in Jet Black

I don’t really like mascara since they always melt in the middle of the day, and I always glasses. It is an interesting shaped applicator. It has a waist part int the middle and the tip is bigger and round. I like this shape better since it is easier to apply, but I hope the size is smaller since it just little too big for my eye shape. The brush is really nice. My eyelashes look longer and clean. It is good that my eyelashes don’t look like spider legs.

I use the blue eyeliner on the 1/3 of my water line. I want to use it to draw a cat eyeliner. It will be cute. On the upper picture, I use the Doucce – Lush Lip Gloss in Glistening Petals. You can see it is more beige.

On this one, I use the ColourPop Cosmetics – Ultra Satin Lip in London Fog. I like this lip better if I set up my hair. 😉 I also like that crayon since it is like a natural shadow and not obvious. What do you think?

I think this summer 2017 Beautycon box is doing a great job. I think I will use everything in this box. Honestly, $29 can’t get all these unless you shop during Black Friday and meet good deals. XD I will continue my subscription since they have something I like and new to me. I never own a blue eyeliner or any of these lip color. I hope you enjoy reading this post too! I will meet you again! Love you <3


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17 thoughts on “Full Face Makeup with Beautycon Summer 2017 Box

  1. I’ve heard such raves for ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip too! I’m glad the product lives up to the hype!
    Deco Miami is a nail polish brand that I want to try. Their bottles are so CUTE!
    I used those Freeman Cucumber peel off masks too and YES, it hurts when it gets on your brows! Like unintented waxing! 😆
    Hmm those silicone applicators are so gimmicky. I’ve seen enough reviews to know it’s not as good as sponge, brush or even your fingers!
    What a great bag full of actual makeup! Too bad it’s US only.

    1. The pigmentation and texture for the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip are the best. The more I use it, the more I like it. I think if I use up some of my lip products, I will buy other colors to try.
      The packaging is cute too. The box packaging reminds me of Korean brand- Too cool for school. I threw away the paper package for this one. XD
      Freeman has a lot of goodies. I think I tried the avocado clay mask too but really forget how it was.
      I think they have too many silicone applicators left in the storage so they give it out XD
      I thought they can ship internationally since we pay the shipping fee within US anyway. XD Maybe they don’t want to check other countries regulation?

  2. If you want a long lasting, vibrant blue then the L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Crayon in Ocean Blue! I’ve been using it a lot and it stays on all day 😀

    1. Thanks! I will check it out. Let see if I can get one in other colors too. XD I want a red or green.

    1. Thank you so much <3 I still not use to these colors for lip. I think more define colors make my lip looks small. I never think my lip is small when I use pink or other softer colors.


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