Cherry Tomato Strawberry Grapes Juice/Smoothie – New Way to Eat Fresh Tomato


I  hate fresh/uncooked tomato. I hate the taste and texture of it especially when it pops in my mouth. I always take the tomato out of my sandwich. After I grew up and learned benefits of tomatoes, I started forcing myself to eat fresh/uncooked tomatoes. I still hate it, but I eat any tomato as long as not a whole tomato. XD

I recently add cherry tomatoes in my fruit juice and slowly increase the intake of tomatoes. I used to eat tomatoes once a week or more. XD I think this can be a chance for children (like me) to eat more tomatoes too. I hope you will like this recipe. <3

What I put (In ratio):

  • 5 Strawberry
  • 1 Cherry tomato
  • 3 Grapes
  • 1 Banana
  • Honey (optional)



  • Vitamins that can give you healthier looking skin, hair, and body. (Especially good for eyes, bones, teeth, Blood Pressure, etc)
  • Antioxidant that can prevent cancer and help anti-aging.
  • Fibers that can help constipation and help weight-loss



  • Try to add 1 cherry tomato instead of following my ratio. I personally can’t taste it if I add banana since banana sweetness cover the taste of tomato.
  • If you like or don’t mind tomato, add some chia seeds in the juice. It is a good superfood. 😉 I keep thinking they are tomato seeds so I cannot add it. XD
  • It is better to use blender to make smoothie since we want to eat those pulp to get the most out of these fruit. (For fiber too)



How do you like it? Are you going to try this recipe? I hope you will like it. I really like smoothie. I love using soymilk, almond milk, or regular milk. I love adding yogurt too. I mostly use banana or kiwi for fruit. Occasionally, I will drink fruit smoothie like this one or “Orange Grapefruit Lime Juice for Skin and Health” to have a energy boost. I think this is an easy way to consume certain amount of different fruits. What do you think?



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30 thoughts on “Cherry Tomato Strawberry Grapes Juice/Smoothie – New Way to Eat Fresh Tomato

  1. I’ve been making a lot of smoothies lately but never thought to add tomato! I usually use kale or spinach. Thanks for this I’ll have to try it!

  2. I love tomatoes but i dont know if i could mix them with fruits, but i think i could use them in a green juice/veggie smoothie! The recipe sounds good though. 🙂

    1. If you like tomato seed, you can add chia seed in your smoothie. Their size and textture are so similar. I cannot have them together since I hate tomato seed the most. XD
      I don’t like sour taste in green smoothie. I like it bitter. I always think bitter juice can detox 1000% better. XD

  3. I love tomatoes, especially on a fresh salad! But honestly, not as much to try them in a such combination 😀 It really sounds strange to me, especially with the everything else. And how would you even taste the tomato with one cherry… ahhh thank you for that post, you definitely managed to make me laugh 😀

    1. lol I just don’t want to taste it at all XD XD I am not sure if it is safe to combine it with milk, and I am not a fan for veggie smoothie so I just mix it with fruit XD
      I am glad you like it. Try it with more cherry tomatoes. This fruit combination is great. I think you will like it. 😉

      1. I know tomatoes are fruits, but to me they are vegetables 😀 They go perfectly with cucumber, onion and white cheese. But I will be definitely intrigued if there is an ice cream option 😉

  4. “I hate fresh/uncooked tomato. I hate the taste and texture of it especially when it pops in my mouth. I always take the tomato out of my sandwich. ” — ME TOO!!

    I can’t stand fresh, raw tomato. I can eat cherry tomatoes fine though, but raw tomatoes..hate the taste and texture. If the tomato is a bit cooked and sliced thin, inside a burger, I might be okay (depends on situation) but most of the time, hate tomatoes.

    1. I hate cherry tomato too. I think it is worst than regular tomato. I really hate that “pop” XD XD
      Interesting that I love guacamole so much. I think as long as it is chop in very small pieces and cannot taste the seed, I am fine.


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