Full of Soft Beautiful Goodies – SoftGoods May 2017

I was looking forward getting my SoftGoods May box since I have such a high expectation for this box and wrote a very long (for me 😉 ) review for the March and April box. You can check out my previous review: My First Love & Hate Subscription Box – SoftGoods



Before getting into my unboxing, let’s know about SoftGoods Subscription Box:

We deliver a box full of beautiful boutique-inspired goods every month for just $39. Experience the joy of shopping your favorite gift giving, stylish and handmade products directly to your door.

In each box you will receive, something romantic, something soft and something pretty. Be inspired, keep everything or gift a friend, either way, we know you’re going to love what you get.

You can also check out their Instagram and Facebook to get spoilers and news!


First two things in the box are Hello Spring Bath Fizz and SoftGoods Candle. They have a very nice scent. The bath cube has a lemon, grapefruit and geranium scents. I just notice there are some words saying we will need to use it within 30 days for best result. It reminds me I still keep my bath cubes from previous boxes. XD I need to use them. I was keeping them near my clothes so my clothes can smell good too. <3 Who doesn’t want to smell nice all the time? 🙂

I don’t light the candle since I don’t have a window in my room so it is dangerous if I light it. XD I love to put it in my room. Once the scent is fade, I will scoop out the very thin top layer. last month is the floral scent. This month has a sweet candy scent. I like the lid since I can close it when I don’t use it. The candle from last month box still has a lot so it will take me some time to start using this one.


I have to say the delivery and packaging are improving! I can see Ebony puts more protection in the box. Nothing was leaking or broken. And most importantly, this Teacup Succulent didn’t break or fall apart. I was so impressed when I saw a plant in the box. Who would expect to get a plant in their subscription box? I mean I love this idea especially I love succulents! Isn’t it adorable? I can stare at it for a day. <3 I give the packaging 4/5 this time. 1 point off because there is room to improve. 😉 So far no one can beat Pusheen box packaging. (They have a plastic thing cover the entire box so it won’t get wet or fall apart. The box made of thick cardboard too.)


I also love this Lace Trim Kimono. <3 I am wearing it with my pajama now. XD I like those lace and flower detail. It is thin and perfect for summer. This light pink nude color is super cute and feminine too. <3 I like wearing it with my lace girly dress and shirt. It would look good with jeans too. This will be my summer favorite. I am looking forward next month box.


Last two things in the box are Gourmet Chocolate and Journal. I am little disappointed with the journal since it is like a DIY notebook from my cousin. XD It has blue, green, pink and yellow pages. I think it would be better if it is a normal thicker sketchbook with the same cover. If it is a ring notebook, it may be nice to have ribbons on the ring or replace the ring. Like this:

New Bitmap Image

I love getting some healthy snacks from subscription box. It is dark chocolate so it is healthier than milk or other sweeten chocolate. Almond chocolate is my bae. 😉 I thought it was raspberry chocolate since it has the purple color cover. XD


IMG_20170524_201606 (2)

Overall, I am satisfied with my SoftGoods May 2017 Box. I am happy that they improve their packaging since that was my main concern. Now I feel more safe and comfortable to get my future boxes. I am definitely continuing my subscription since I want to get more of these cute soft goodies. I also want to support Ebony and her team. 😉 This box has a lot of potentials to grow. I can’t wait to see more. <3

What do you think about this box? I hope you enjoy reading this post. I hope you have a wonderful day. <3 I will see you around.


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13 thoughts on “Full of Soft Beautiful Goodies – SoftGoods May 2017

  1. What an interesting subscription box concept!
    I absolutely love that teacup succulent – very impressed it didn’t break during shipment. I had a succulent… operative word being “HAD”. I’m so bad with plants. 😛
    Hmm yeah, that notebook is pretty lame. Maybe you can hack it and make it something more special.

    1. It is really nice box. Try it when you can. Check out my older post for the previous boxes to see what they gave. I think they always include a kimono or something related in each box.


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