Simple Everyday Makeup

Happy Monday! Today, I am going to show my recent everyday makeup. <3 I have been doing makeup almost every day these few weeks, and I think I can control the eyeshadow brush better now. I still need to get my hands on eyeliner. I want to try cat-eye makeup. XD I am good at drawing inner eye line but never understand how to do the tail/wing. Anyway, let’s show you what I use these days.

  1. Etude House –  CC Cream #Glow (Base)
  2. Etude House – Real Powder Cushion (Base#2)
  3. Cargo – Colorstick in Champagne (Highlighter)
  4. The BrowGal – Convertible Brow: Powder to Pomade Duo Universal for Beautycon (Eyebrow)
  5. The BrowGal – Brow Brush with Spoolie & Angled Brush (Eyebrow brush)
  6. Etude House – Play Color Eyes #Cherry Blossom (Eyeshadow)
  7. Cargo Cosmetics –  Brush (Eyeshadow Brush) I got it from the palette XD
  8. Skin Food – Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Three Colors #Mini Tomato (Cheek & Lip)


Products listed above are mentioned in my previous post. Please check them out 😉

May 2017 Makeup Purchases

Full makeup look with Beautycon Spring Essentials Box

Cherry Blossom on your eyes – Etude House Play Color Eyes Palette

Here is the look:



I like using CC cream or sunscreen as the base to even out my skin tone. The cushion is a bit dry and looks cakey if using it alone although a few hours later it will give a beautiful glow to my skin. I want to finish it so I can try other cushions. I also like using bit highlight on my nose bone. (Is it what it called? XD ) Since I like thick eyebrow, I fill up my eyebrow with ashy black and brown.

This cherry blossom eyeshadow palette is my current favorite! I was saying it is not pigmented on my eyes, but I need to take it back. I think it really depends on what brush and method I apply it. The Cargo Cosmetic brush is really easy to use. I can see the color clearly on my eyes and the brush head size is perfect for my tiny eyes. XD I will take a closer picture next time.

The Cheek&Lip is working better than I thought. I use the lightest color (The one in the middle) It has an orange nude color when using on my cheek and lip. It is not glossy so I like using it most of the day. I just wish it is more moisturizing. Luckily it is not dry these days so I don’t need to use lip balm on top.


What do you think? I am trying to take care my skin better so I don’t need to use two layers of base makeup product. I want a more natural makeup look. And a side episode, my mom just walk by when I was drafting this post. She saw my picture and said that I have a thin upper lip so better not smile like this. XD XD Well, I said you do too. XD XD I am thinking to use more colors on my lip to make it “pop”. Let’s see how it goes next time. 😉 Thank you very much for reading my post! Love you <3


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32 thoughts on “Simple Everyday Makeup

  1. Your skin looks so great!! I agree, I try to keep my makeup light too, especially when the weather is warmer now. Actually, this week is especially warm where I am, and I got lazy to do my makeup because I didn’t want anything on my skin.

    1. Same here. Especially when it is bad skin day, my skin just cannot hold makeup for long and looks like ghost at the end of the day. I am trying some sunscreen that gives some coverage or even our skin tone.
      Sometimes, I think heavy makeup can be natural sun block. XD It keeps our face warm in winter too.

    1. Thank you very much for nominating me! Sorry I just found your comment from Admin since WordPress hide your comment from me. 🙁 I will check it out! Thanks again. You are so sweet!

  2. That Etude House palette looks really great – so versatile but with pops of colour.
    I think it’s a great philosophy to take good care of your skin so that you don’t need to cover it with as much makeup.
    Haha, funny what you said back to your mom. 😛 Smile whatever way you like!

    1. Thanks! XD I noticed I have a smaller lip when I put a red lipstick. So whatever. XD
      I think I need to try applying eyeshadow with different method before saying it is pigmented or not. I like it.
      My goal is to have almost flawless skin! I want to use base product to even out skin tone only. I wish my acne scars can fade soon.

  3. Your skin looks really good!! Actually, you don’t have to use two layers of base makeup for your daily look, you can always just use them for a special occasion. You can just use sunscreen instead of CC cream, I think. And for eyeliner, if you have black eyeshadow, you can also use that to create a cat eyeliner with an angled brush. I like the look though!

    1. Thanks! XD It is the result of two layers XD This cushion can’t use alone. The color is dull and matte. I put CC cream mainly on my nose, chin, cheek, T-zone to brighten it.
      I will try using the black eyeshadow! I think it could be easier 😉 Love you <3

      1. Oh I see! It does seem complicated to use two layers but that does make your skin look really good! As if you have flawless skin, which is awesome. Yeah you can definitely use black or dark brown eyeshadow as long as you have the angled brush (or just any brush that can create straight lines)

  4. This is such a lovely look on you, Maggie. Simple but so pretty.

    The lip color you picked is naturally beautiful too. I’ve been wanting to try that Skinfood Lip & Cheek Trio. Looks like it really is a nice product.

    1. Thank you very much!
      This Skinfood lip is better than I thought. Colors are so pretty on lips. I don’t really like it on the cheek that much. I did use lipstick on my cheek and I think the moisture type works better on cheeks. This one is a bit dryer than it looks. When I see it shine, I thought it is like a balm. XD I am thinking to get more color to try since it works really well on lips. This light color covers my own lip color.


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