Random Journal#4 – Thoughts

I feel like posting too many unboxing and hauls so I want to take a break. XD I want to share my thoughts on some terms that we see a lot these few years. This is a short post and nothing interesting so I hope you don’t get bored. XD I hope we can share thoughts in the comment section too.

Minimalist Wardrobe

I think this is not a new thing for most people. There are a lot of fashion blogger and vlogger talk about how they live with a minimalist wardrobe and teach us how to make our own one too. I love reading those “X way to wear an X” section in Japanese magazines.  I think it is so cool to use limited pieces to dress up stylish and create so many different looks. XD I agree this is a way to train our sense of clothing pieces and understand ourselves. (body shape, skin tone, vibe, etc) I also agree this is a way to avoid spending too much money and wasting clothes too. I am the type that will keep wearing same clothes until it is not wearable. I try to avoid any pieces that I won’t wear in real life. (Example: mini skirt and cami. ) XD I learn to distinguish high quality and better material from my mom. I always ask her before making a purchase. I had a basic T-shirt that looks 10-20 years old after 2 washes. It was horrible. I want my wardrobe to have long-lasting multi-purpose pieces.

Cruelty-free and Vegan

These are not new terms either but they get into Asian market these few years and makes me happy. 🙂 I am not a vegan since I just can’t cut-off meat completely, but I try eating less meat.  In terms of beauty products, I am looking forward to seeing more vegan cruelty-free products. Honestly, who is going to use animal oil on their face? XD It is hard to keep track on every ingredient, and they always name them in chemical terms so we don’t know what it actually is. Well, I admit I am bad at English. XD I have to say that I don’t care if I am using bug juice on my face as long as it works freaking amazing! But, if there are some vegan option that also works amazing, I will choose the vegan version. In fact, vegan version works really well!


I love my Asian pale skin. Although I got tanner these few years, I love my pale skin and being called light tube. XD I love my shoulder. It is wide as a south Chinese, but I can wear coat and shirt very well. I love my hair color. It looks like I highlight my hair with many different shades of brown. I like it adds texture to my hair when tying up. It is my unique color <3 I never feel satisfied with my body shape and weight so I watch out my diet and exercise. I don’t hate my body. I just think I will look better and love myself more if I have a fitter body. I never love my face, but when I start doing makeup, I start liking and accepting my face. I start loving myself more and get more confident. It is also because all my readers are so nice and sweet. I don’t know what would happen to me if I choose to start YouTube instead of a blog.

I really appreciate all my lovely readers to read my poor written post, give me support, and power. I love you all <3 The things I can do to reply your love are to keep update consistently, improve my writing, and provide more useful posts. Thank you so much! I will post more informative useful posts so stay tuned!



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11 thoughts on “Random Journal#4 – Thoughts

  1. Hey Maggie, I agree with Elena. Your post isn’t boring or poorly written at all. It’s always nice when fellow blogger share their insights and your ideas are really interesting too. Thanks for sharing them.

    I also agree about great quality clothing that can last for a long time. It’s worth investing in these pieces.

    Have a great weekend. 💕

    1. Thank you so much, Janah! You are so sweet <3
      I actually have some old clothes that still wearable, but my mom just tell me to use them as pajama XD
      Have a wonderful weekend too <3


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