Full makeup look with Beautycon Spring Essentials Box

I was checking out subscription box reviews and spoilers to decide which new box I should try. When I saw the full spoiler for Beautycon Spring Essentials Box, I just can’t resist. XD I love trying multiple products in this box, and I think one box can last for at least a season. No wonder it is a seasonal box. XD


Beautycon box cost $29/box every season, and each box includes $100+ beauty and lifestyle goodies. Check out their official site HERE.



Cargo Cosmetics – Around the Word Eye Shadow Palette with Brush

I honestly love the brush. XD I don’t have any eyeshadow brush so this will be my treasure. The name of each eyeshadow is interesting, such as Tokyo, Paris, Madrid, and Moscow. I apply Rome on my crease. XD Colors are everyday makeup color. It is easy to get colors on my crease, but it has fall-off. I never knew what is fall-off. After I saw some black powder on my cheek, I know this palette is not that great to use. The colors are not light and bright enough for me. These color make me looks so mature and looks like I got poisoned. XD

Dirty Little Secret – Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick in Rust

I think it is a beautiful dry rose color. I like this color but not on myself. I think this color is too early for me to handle. I definitely need to upgrade my makeup skill. I think it is a better way to wear it. This lipstick also makes me realize my mouth is small. XD

Garnier SkinActive – Micellar Makeup Removing Towelettes 

I like this makeup remover towel. It is gentle and clean well. I haven’t tried it on waterproof eyeliner so I am not sure it will clean waterproof makeup, but two towels can clean my entire face.

IBY Beauty – Mineral Pressed Blush in Peach Sheen

Luxie Beauty- Rose Gold Duo Fibre Powder Brush 516

I am not sure if all powder brushes do this. This powder brush sucks the cheek blush powder. I have to press hard to my face in order to get the powder on my face. I think using fingers can apply the cheek blush better. The cheek brush is a very pretty peach color. It is more orange than pink. I think this is a perfect color for summer.

NUXE – Shimmering Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse 

If you check out my Best for Valentine: All Purpose Dry Oil post. You would probably know I love NUXE all purpose oil.  And you know what? I love this little bottle too <3 This is perfect whenever we have party or night out. Putting some on our collar bones and anywhere we want it to shine! It is a perfect highlighter for our body. It also moisturizes our body.

NYX Professional Makeup – Bright Idea Illuminating Stick in Rose Petal Pop

I love this the best! This rose color is so pretty <3 I apply little of this on top of the Luxie cheek powder and it looks so good! I want to try it on my lips next time. It will be so much fun using it.

OGX – Orchid Oil Color Protect Spray

If it is the scent of orchid, I love orchid! It smells like candy and not much floral scent. It is like those Japanese candy scent. Maybe it is because of the grape seed oil? I love it <3 I am not sure what it means color protect. I never dye my hair so I couldn’t tell the effect, but I think it will do a good job at repairing hair since people who dye their hair tends to have damaged hair. Hehe. A new hair oil for me to use. 😉

The BrowGal – Convertible Brow: Powder to Pomade Duo Universal for Beautycon

The BrowGal – Brow Brush with Spoolie & Angled Brush

I love this too! This brush and powder make me so easy to add colors and adjust the shape of my brows! These colors are so close to my own brow color too. I learn how to draw eyebrows with this set. XD

I guess it doesn’t look too bad in the pictures. XD In real person, I think I look horrible. XD I think I just not use to this kind of look on me. I think cat eyes is sexy cute but always afraid to try it since I always like myself have a softer younger look. I guess I am overthinking. XD My eyes is small enough to hide those darker colors. XD I think I can use darker eyeshadow as eyeliner since it is not obvious on my eyes. Well, I think if I use mascara, it will be more like a full makeup. I am saving mascara later since I think it needs more skill. XD


What do you think about this box? Anything in this box you are interested in? Anything you want to see or want me to blog about? Thank you so much for visiting my blog and give me loves <3 We will meet again in 2 days.



16 thoughts on “Full makeup look with Beautycon Spring Essentials Box

    1. I think the same too! $29 USD gives a lot! Thank you very much! I am learning and practice more makeup look. You make me feel more confident and more comfortable to do makeup. Thanks <3

  1. I’ve not heard of Beautycon box. It looks like eally good value – look at all the stuff you got!
    I love the NUXE oil but haven’t tried the shimmering version – would be perfect for summertime.
    Your brows look good to me!

    1. It is new for me too. I think looking at spoilers does help. XD I use NUXE oil for almost everything. This size is perfect too. Bring it to work and use it at party or bar or something.
      Good for going to beach or under sun! So beautiful <3
      Thank you very much <3 My brows are thinner now. Maybe aging and hair loss? XD XD

    1. Not me either. It is a nice palette if you don’t mind fall offs. 90% of eyeshadow powder on our eyes so not too bad.
      Thank you very much! You are so sweet! I think I am getting better and better.

  2. I like how everything is colour coordinated. 😀 It’s really suitable for Spring. The items in this box are nice because you have a lot of variety.

    1. I like this peachy and pink kind of color. Always looks so energetic. They almost give full face makeup. That IBY powder can use for cheek bone highlighter since it is shimmery.


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