My First Colourpop Eyeshadow Haul

I love eyeshadow <3 It is like paint on our face. Although I like no makeup natural look, I like to pop some colors on my eyes. 😉 I want to try Colourpop because I heard their eyeshadow are very pigmented, and the color is exactly the same when it is on eyes.


I didn’t buy too many colors since I probably won’t use all of them. XD I plan to use one to two colors every day. Yes, I am going to do makeup every day from now on. Practice make it perfect, isn’t it? 😉 I can also use up my old potentially expired makeup. XD


I buy eight eyeshadow, they all look really similar. XD From left to right, they are “Come And Get It”, “Animal”, “Itty Bitty”, “Cheeky”, “Flipper”, “One by One”, “Going Rogue”, and “Boy Band”. They all have some interesting names. Most of them are peach pink color, and they are different from the Etude House Play Colors Eye Palette #Cherry Blossom. I think this peach pink color will stay with me for at least a year. XD

I try “Boy Band” today. I was not sure how pigmented it can be so I used it as eyeliner. It is soft and very easy to get on my eyelid. It is pigmented and definitely worth for the price. I like it is long-lasting and is not smudging around after 8+ hours. I definitely will use the rest for this spring and summer. “Boy Band” and “Going Rogue” are good for fall and winter too.

Honestly, one of these little caps can last me for very long time. If I don’t do makeup more often, I will waste a lot of makeup goodies and money. XD I ordered some more makeup, and they are coming too, but for now, I will stop buying more. I think subscription box can give enough support. 😉


That is all for my Colourpop mini haul <3 I hope you like it. Have you tried Colourpop? I want to try their lip gloss too, but I am not sure which one should I get. I will practice more, and you will see me get better and better each time. 😉 Stay tuned! I have some exciting unboxing posts coming this week! I will see you in my next post!



23 thoughts on “My First Colourpop Eyeshadow Haul

  1. I didn’t use to wear makeup on a daily basis either but yes, practice makes perfect. And you can still wear very natural looking makeup so you don’t look “made-up”, ya know? You picked a lot of very natural looking shades. 🙂 Enjoy them!

  2. I’ve tried Colour pop eyeshadows and lippies 🙂 I love the eyeshadow color Beverly because it is a beautiful berry purple shade. I tend to get darker shades. I love the ultra satin over ultra matte simply due to them not being drying on the lips.


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