If I am rich to add more pieces to my closet…

There’s always times that I keep adding items to my shopping cart and leave them at checkout because I am poor. XD In fact,  I just realize I don’t need that many clothes, but it doesn’t affect my eye-shopping hobby. 😉 In this post, I want to have a list of clothes and accessories that I want to have! Please note that all pictures in this post are from the store website (feature picture from Luluwen). They are my favorite store from Taobao, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and ASOS.

LuLuWen – Taobao store (Link)

In case you don’t know much about Taobao. Taobao is like Ebay & Esty Chinese version. You can find both fakes and original design items from Taobao store. It really depends on your luck and time. If you spend enough time to explore Taobao, you will find some lovely unique items. I am the person who doesn’t know many brand clothes around the world and just pick those fewer sells on Taobao. I believe if more than 3 stores selling the same item, it is 80% likely fakes or item itself is too simple such as simple white T-shirt. If you guys are interested shopping on Taobao, I can link some helpful sites and posts that can help you shop safely without knowing Chinese. 😉


I love girly and casual looking clothing. Luluwen is a store that I found last winter and my ideal style <3 Let’s show some items I currently love <3

They are actually on my To-Buy list. XD They are so affordable. Every piece is less than $10 USD. I can imagine myself wear them with jeans or shorts <3

Forever 21

Let’s go to Forever 21 and get the most trendy items! I usually just go for safe and get items that can last me few years. There are more interesting goodies on Forever 21 like those nails and hair color comb. I want to get that green on my hair. XD

Urban Outfitters

I really want to shop Urban Outfitters! I think it is the best to get some key pieces on Urban Outfitters. They can be a dress, jacket or shoes. I think it is a good place to get some special items. Here are few items I am eyeing on. <3


I love ASOS. There are so many different styles on ASOS. It really takes the time to shop on ASOS. Personally, I like Urban Outfitters since it takes my money and saves my brain cells. XD When I shop on ASOS, I need to keep thinking how I am going to style the item and if it fits me. I like buying coats on ASOS since the size and fitting are so well and easy return. 😉 I like their sweaters too. I think I shop on ASOS in colder weather more often compare to summer.



These are some clothing I love and want to get when I have more money. XD I think I know myself more after writing this post. I always confuse with my style, but this post really helps me to see my favorite pieces clearly. When I actually shop for myself, I can shop wisely and avoid buying something I won’t wear.

I hope you have a wonderful April <3 I can’t wait to start May and share more new goodies to you all sweetie <3 Thank you very much for all the support and love! I love you all, and I will see you in my next post <3



11 thoughts on “If I am rich to add more pieces to my closet…

  1. Just like you, I also like chic and girly outfits. I dont have much clothes but most of them are dresses because it’s what I wear at work. I also love wearing shorts, they’re comfy 🙂


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