My First Love & Hate Subscription Box – SoftGoods

I know this post is delayed and break my posting schedule, but I really have a lot to say. This very long post tells my hope, disappointment, and struggle. Please note that everything I say in all my posts is my personal experience and thoughts. My job is to tell you all the goods and bad so you have a better idea of the products I mentioned. I also receive this month box today so I take my time to type this post XD

About 2 months ago, I was searching new subscription to try, and I found this new wonderful my style box – SoftGoods.  This box launch on 2017, and I got their 2nd and 3rd boxes. This box cost $40 USD/month and comes with 5 to 6 product including candles, soap, home decor, clothing, etc. Anything soft, warm, pretty and romantic. I highly recommend check out their Facebook page (Here).

To keep this post short, I am posting the overall pictures of what I received from the March 2017 Box first.


I actually really love this box since I could smell a very nice floral soapy scent when I opened the box. Everything is cute and hit my heart <3 I honestly didn’t expect much from this box since it is very new subscription box. It was over my expectation until I saw a post on their Facebook page.


This is what they supposed to have in the March box. I am obviously missing some items in my box. I messaged Ebony (The brand owner). She told me it could be because of the post office people since my box was taped by USPS labeled tapes, and she would send me the missing item again. Since she needs to do everything by herself, I feel sorry for her and continue my subscription. And here is my April box 😉


She made her promise to send me some missing items. Well, as long as she sent something, I am happy. This month box also full of amazing scent and beautiful goodies. I really like how she have flowers in the box. This month has a bath soap, candle, necklace, a bottle of soap and a kimono. I love the kimono so much! It is so soft and comfortable! The candle, soap, bath soap smell amazing! The necklace is my style too!


And here is what it should look like:


I feel relief since it looks like I receive everything. (except the card XD ) This makes me struggle too. I love everything she put in the box, but the missing items and packaging make me concern. Actually, she wraps papers around the soap bottle, but it still leaks.


Minus 1 point, but it smells so nice so I forgive this <3 I really want to visit her store in person so I can shop more! How she create all these goodies? They all just hit my heart so badly <3 I have to say this is the best subscription box for me so far. (And Pusheen Box XD )


I want to list 3 things they can improve. If you really care about the followings, you probably need to contact Soft Goods or wait until they improve.

  1. There aren’t enough protection for the products. If the plate (in the March box) is wrapped around by the scarf, I don’t think it is a problem, but there aren’t any protection for the plate. The soap bottle too. They all made with glasses so those paper aren’t enough, and it leaked too. The box itself isn’t made with thick material either. I think it will be a concern for people who live in other country or outside of California unless they have different packing method based on the delivery locations.
  2. Pictures and actual product are not matched. Here I also mean the details. For example, in their sneak peek pictures, they have ribbons and tags on the product, but the actual products don’t have any. (like on the cards)  Ok, you may think I am picky, but this is a thing I care a lot! I am the type of person really care about these details.
  3. You may miss items in your box. Here I mean you need to trust your local USPS enough. I think Irvine, CA USPS hates me. (Box ship from Irvine) XD XD I also feel disappointed that she didn’t put everything in my April box either (the missing card).  I know some people who also order this box get everything so I guess I just bad luck. I hope you guys are good luck!

I really appreciate her hard work and time to do everything for this subscription box! I can imagine her does all the packing, bring the box to post office, and reply every single email. She has a physical store that needs to take care too. I love hardworking people so it is why I struggle with keeping this subscription or not especially this box has wonderful goodies! (My cup of tea 😉  ) I think it is the charm of new subscription box too. You will able to see them grow and surprise you.

Overall, this is a very nice box. There are some improvements needed, but considering this is a very new subscription box, I think it is more realistic to earn some money before improving all these details although these details can be the main reason for people to keep their subscription longer. These may not show in a short run, but if they want to make their company bigger and successful, they better to do something about these. I have faith in them!


After I write this and rethink about my decision, I want to keep my subscription for one more month to try. If they still have missing items problem, I will unsubscribe for sure! I think it will be safe to wait for a year to subscribe. By that time, they will earn more and have budgets to improve.

What do you think? Would you continue subscribe this box if you have the same experience as I do?

I hope I don’t make you hate this box since I just have bad luck and the items are really amazing! Not sample size or things you can get from Ebay. They are original unique made beautiful products. Wish me luck too. I hope SoftGoods May box won’t disappoint me again.




15 thoughts on “My First Love & Hate Subscription Box – SoftGoods

  1. I love the style of the box, it’s beautiful. I would give her another chance just like you are and after that if it doesn’t get any better I would unsubscribe. $40 is a lot of money to me to spend on a subscription box that isn’t improving. After that I would wait about a year before thinking about subscribing again. Thanks for sharing your experience, it was helpful.

    1. It is a lot of money. It doesn’t include shipping fee so it is less than $50 for one box. It is also why it disappointed me 🙁 I thought some money goes to packaging.
      But yea, wait a year or so. I think if they are not improving, this subscription will automatically stop anyway. I think by that time, there will have more reviews and unboxing too.
      Thanks for reading! Love you <3

        1. I don’t think I will try Boxycharm. Their makeup products are not my style for now, but it definitely worth the price! I really like watching KathleenLights Boxycharm unboxing video, but I don’t think I can handle it as she does XD


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