Cherry Blossom on your eyes – Etude House Play Color Eyes Palette


I shared Etude House Play Color Eyes Palette #Juice Bar recently (post), and now I am happy to share their newest #Cherry Blossom to you guys <3 I just received my order a couple of days ago and couldn’t wait to try it out!

If you love pink, this will be part of the collection to you pink lovers! The package is full of this light girly cherry blossom pink <3 I really like the size of Etude House Play Color Eyes palettes. It is thin, small enough to put in my makeup pouch, and it has a wide enough mirror! It is so annoying to put eye makeup on when the mirror only able to reflect one of our eyes.


There are 7 shimmer colors and 3 matte colors:

From the right to left: It is a little pink white shimmer color, hot pink shimmer color, peachy pink shimmer color, champagne pink shimmer color, champagne gold shimmer color, light golden brown shimmer color, chocolate-brown matte color, red bean paste matte color, super light orangey pink matte color, and darker champagne pink shimmer color.





Personally, I think this palette has similar colors with #Juice Bar since they both have some peachy colors, but this one is more girly and cute <3 I can see myself use this a lot this spring and summer 😉

I tried using hot pink and the lightest matte pink on my right eye and used the red bean matte color and the darker champagne pink shimmer color on my left eye. I really like mixing different pink colors. They are so cute and won’t make you looks like you have allergies XD


I notice that if I use an eyeshadow brush to apply, it won’t be as pigmented as I use fingers XD I guess I need to practice more or try different brushes. I believe there are better ways to use this palette, but I just use one matte and one shimmer on my eyes. XD I want to mix with the #Juice Bar too. It will be fun to try different color combinations.


I really like this #Cherry Blossom palette! I think I just like this Play Colors Eyes collection from Etude House XD Their color combination never disappoint me. I think this spring and summer you will see cherry blossom on my eyes 😉 Thank you so much for coming by and read my post! I love you all and I will see you in my next post <3

















16 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom on your eyes – Etude House Play Color Eyes Palette

    1. I agree that they are not that pigmented as they look. For the hot pink color in this palette, it is lighter and less pigmented than I expected. Not bad. I think it is good enough for me to practice since I usually apply too much XD


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