Random Journal#3 – 20 facts about me


I have been posting a lot of beauty related posts these few weeks so I decide to take a break and post something different. I want to list 10 things about me to just share 😉 Let’s see if we have something common <3


  1. I am 25 years old this year, and I want to look like 21 forever XD
  2. I have one older brother, he is 6 and a half years older than me.
  3. I love 90% of food with a sweet taste in it. (Well, I hate fresh/uncooked tomato but it has a sweet taste in it 😛 )
  4. When I cook, I don’t follow recipes.
  5. Compare to my heaviest weight, I lost 30+ lbs 😉
  6. I hate running and jumping.
  7. I am 5’3″ or 163cm tall, but I wish I can grow taller with long legs.
  8. I had hamsters as pet when I was a kid, and now I want a cat XD
  9. Whoever consider getting a pet, I suggest adoption.
  10. I always struggle my style. Some pieces I own never work together. I need to spend wisely or be bipolar. XD
  11. I own some skirts and dress that I barely wear. 99% of the year I wear jeans.
  12. I have a big head which makes me so hard to find a hat. The one that looks good on me is beret <3
  13. As long as there is a strap tie my ankle, I can wear heels. It is why I never have sexy heels but own boots with heels.
  14. I read horror fictions but never watch horror movies or play horror games.
  15. I learn Japanese from anime, games, and shows. I can fully understand Japanese conversation and watch news, but I cannot read a book or write XD I can understand Japanese game though 😉
  16. I love yaoi and shounen-ai. I just cannot resist the tension and cuteness of the stories. Well, I like any manga or fiction with nice plot and story, but they 70% belong to yaoi or shounen-ai catalog. By the way, my first physical yaoi fiction was bought by my mom XD XD
  17. I didn’t cut my hair for 2 years. My hair now is a little bit above my waist, and I miss my bangs.
  18. I had ear length bob once, and I think I look like a Kpop boy idol XD
  19. I don’t really like my appearance so I don’t take pictures of myself often. I am building my confident. I will start taking more selfies 😉
  20. I have skillful hands, and I am into UV resin now 😉 When I make enough goodies, I want to open a small shop <3


😀 I hope you know me a little bit more. Do we have anything related? 😉 I have some makeup and skincare goodies want to share. I am drafting the post and hope you will like them. In the meantime, enjoy and have a wonderful Easter weekend, and I love you all <3 <3



16 thoughts on “Random Journal#3 – 20 facts about me

  1. You’re such a cool person 🙂 I love “facts about me” posts, it’s great to get to know the blogger behind the blog. And I hate running too, which is kinda ironic lol because a lot of people assume I run when they find out I’m a fitness nerd but oh well.

  2. It’s awesome that you can understand Japanese, it’s also inspirational to see when a woman battles against lack of confidence rather than denying and living with it-it makes you all the more real, all the more inspirational for all the girls out there. And haha don’t worry about not having long legs, tripping over small stones habitually is not exactly, umm the most graceful move out there! 😀


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