(Review) BEAUTY PEOPLE Snow White Edition 2 – Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

I was shopping on Memebox while they had an extra 25% off sale, and I found this BEAUTY PEOPLE Snow White Edition 2 – Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (Original $28 USD. I got it at $18 USD). I am a very simple person. I just buy it because of the packaging XD I like how Snow White looks cool and like a queen in the cover 😉 I also want to try more eyeliners since I want to practice more and maybe wear makeup most of the day <3


They are so nice that they gave me a pencil sharpener XD I originally thought this is a matte gel eyeliner with pencil looking, but it actually has very small fine glitters that make the eyeliner looks so fancy! On the description, it said this eyeliner can be used as an eyeshadow too! If we blend it before it gets dry, it will be eyeshadow. I think it is also why it has glitters.


From Left to Right: Black, Brown, Bronze, Gold, Beige.

It is very smooth and easy enough to use. I like using the black for my inner eyeliner, and I am still learning how to use those lighter colors. I like they have a light pink (Beige) color since it is so cute and handy if use it on inner eye corner.

Brown is good to use as normal eyeliner. Bronze is so good when using it as an eyeshadow! Gold is good as a point. (Example: Draw a gold line at the tail part of the eyeliner or use it as an eyeshadow on top of other colors.)


In terms of long-lasting, they recommend people with oily eyelids use a primer.  I have not found any problem with it yet. It is not easy to remove completely with water makeup remover. I found the lighter colors are easier to remove compare to the black and the brown.


I actually really like the glitter and how it is so perfect and easy to use as inner eyeliner, but as a normal eyeliner, liquid eyeliner is easier to use since the line is much cleaner and thinner.


I also got the edition 1 for this Snow White eyeliner, but give me a week to play around with it first since that edition has more pop colors. Personally, I like that edition more since I love vivid color eyeliner 😉 I will write a review and try to take some pictures of how I use it. Stay tuned! I hope you enjoy this, and I will see you in my next post 😉



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