Random Journal#2 – Plans for blogs, fitness, etc


I have a random journal again. Another records of my thoughts 🙂 I have been working over time everyday in my full-time job and spent less time on my blogs and social media. I hate this, and I am trying to change it. Having a blog is really challenging my time management skill. I think I will need to spend some of my lunch time, restroom time and before sleep time on my social media XD


I have been posting every Monday and Thursday for two months now. I didn’t see improvement on my average views or visit although my followers are increasing. I think it is because of my contents are not good enough. Another reason could be I am not posting frequently enough. I notice my views drop on the third day of every post, so I want to add one more post every week. I want to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also want to make Monday to the day that has same blog topic.

I am not 100% sure what topic I will post. Since I am learning makeup, I want to post a makeup related post every Monday. In this way, I can make myself practice more and use my old makeup storage XD It is also because I want to buy some new eyeshadow. Posting makeup blog post every week is a good excuse to buy more makeup isn’t it? 😉


I will join hot yoga class after mid April to increase my flexibility and correct my posture. I have been saying I would join hot yoga class for long time, but based on my financial situation, it is expansive so I didn’t actually go to one. Since I adjust my monthly spending, I can join a hot yoga class now XD (Yeah!) Since it is better to buy the monthly pass, I think I will use the most out of it which means I will go to hot yoga class everyday! Wish I can survive XD

I also feel guilty of not posting update for my fitness journey since I couldn’t see difference on my body. I don’t think hot yoga can help me loss a lot of fat and build lean muscle fast, but it is a good start for my body to get used to exercise everyday. I am not sure if I can keep this for rest of my life, but I am the type that if I spend the money, I will use the most out of it XD I think I just need to start XD XD


I always try my best to express all my thoughts and opinions for everything I review. I try to put equal pros and cons for all of them. Although I need to change the layouts to make those review posts easier to read, I never think of writing a review that’s full of cons and bias.

I recently have a bad shopping experience, and I am still waiting the reply from the seller. I hope she just busy and will reply me soon. If she won’t reply me, I will get super disappointed and may give my first cons > pros review to them since I want people to avoid the same thing happened to me. Wish me luck!


I have a lot of things need to do, and it makes me so excited! I cannot wait to make these changes and challenge myself! I am so happy that all of you read my post, support my blog, and give me so much confident! I love you all more than always, and I will see you in my next post!






8 thoughts on “Random Journal#2 – Plans for blogs, fitness, etc

      1. I’ve always been very concerned about the time I am asking from my readers, so that is why I do wants a week; but I think I would have more followers if I posted more frequently.

        I also keep my blog to very few words so as it takes less than a minute to read, unless one wants to watch the videos 🙂

        Whatever you decide to do will be right for you and it is good to experiment. I wish you the best in your blogging endeavors as well as all your other endeavors.


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