My Shopping Experience (Wishtrend)

Korean skincare was new to me but look at those Kpop idols and actresses! They all have flawless skin (30% Thanks for makeup, 70% hard work). If you have tried Korean base makeup product, you will notice the coverage isn’t high enough to cover everything. I am jealous and want to know their secret of flawless skin, so I start checking out their skincare product.

If you have read my 2016 BlackFriday Haul, you probably know that I am a loyal customer for Wishtrend. In fact, I have been shopping from them since 2014. It was the year I started using Korean skincare products too. I remember I was searching “getting rid of acne” on YouTube and found Liah Yoo. She was talking about some products she bought from Wishtrend, and I started following Wishtrend since then. In this post, I want to share my experience and tips when shopping on Wishtrend.

In this post, I want to give a small introduction and share my experience when shopping on Wishtrend.

Shipping & Packaging

They almost ship everywhere! They are based in South Korea so the closer you live, the faster the delivery. You can check out the detail here. I live in the US so it needs 2 to 3 weeks to get to my front door.

I love how they pack my package. They always use the most out of the box and keep everything safe. I have never received broken package or products. I heard some great reviews for their customer service too although I never have a chance to try it. XD


Products range and selections

Here, I really want to say this is why I keep shopping from Wishtrend. They always sell products from hidden brands. I really sick of those popular brands. I mean they are popular mainly because of the idol or actress, not the product quality. You probably know Etude House, Tony Moly or SkinFood, but you probably never heard of Skin&Lab, Chica Y Chico or I’m From. There are so many brands are underrated and need to reveal more! I think it happens to Japanese brands too. I need a way to shop those hidden brand from Japan. Please let me know if you know any site 😉

They sell makeup, face care, body and hair products. In my opinion, products on their site are for women between 20 to 35. Although I started buying from them before 20, it is rare to have teens find something perfect on their site since they mostly looking for acne product instead of anti-aging XD For women who are older than 35, they probably find those products are not enough for their needs since they will look for wrinkle care instead of just anti-aging.

I notice some products disappear after a year so if you try some products that you really like, it is better to stock up some more before it is gone. For example, I really like ENCA- BB cream since it matches my skin tone so well and calms my acne. Although you cannot buy it on Wishtrend anymore, you can still find it on Wishtrend YouTube channel (link). I guess those still sell on Wishtrend are the most requested and popular one.

I also like to shop on Wishtrend because, for the same product, they always sell at a lower price (98% of the time). You can check out Memebox or IBBI to see if I am right 😉

Referral Program

They also have a referral program. When your friend use your invitation link or promotion code to register and shop, you both get USD $5. It can use on non-promotional product and in a USD $30+ order. Detail here.

My promo code 222570706
My invite link

Recommend Products (My shopping list)

Please note that all links below are affiliate links (All in green). It means if you make a purchase through these links, I will get a small commission to support my blog and future posts. Feel free to skip these links and search on google to get to the product you are interested 😉 I will say what I want to say, and you do what you want to do <3


This package is simple and brutal XD Nothing fancy. It is just a glass little bottle. Once I spot Ginseng, I immediately click in and add this to my cart! It contains 7.98% 6-year-old Ginseng extract in this 30ml. It claims it is for nourishing and rejuvenating. It is no doubt an anti-aging product! My skin gets so dry and dead skin falling off because of weather changes. I really can’t wait to try this serum. Although I may fix my skin before it arrives, who don’t want better skin? 😉 I will definitely try this and post a before after post. Get ready for it!


Does that little bottle look familiar? I wrote a before-after post about it (Link) a month ago! It is working well to heal my acne scar, and I want to use it again with their recommended set! This set contains serum, 10 sheet masks, and a cream. I am going to get this set and clear my acne scar! Since this cream is like gel type, I will start using this set in summer. I probably should order this later around May then since it is better to keep vitamin C product fresh.  😉


You know what? Wishtrend, You got me. I watched their YouTube video (Link), and I can’t resist any product that claims it can calm my skin and prevent acne. I never try any honey skincare product because they always give me an image that it is rich, thick and heavy. I always think my skin will breakout if I use any honey product. I think it is time to give a try.


I notice there is lesser product option in Wishtrend. I hope they can have more for us to choose. Bringing back old brand or introducing new brand are great. I am looking forward to more changes and news on Wishtrend.

Wishtrend is a great place to learn hidden Korean beauty brands. I highly recommend you to check out their website or YouTube channel (WishtrendTV) if you are interested in Korean beauty 😉

By the way, they are having a giveaway event now to March 30th, 2017. Check out their video to get detail information: Link (Yeah! Freebie)


I hope you enjoy reading this and feel free to ask me any questions! Is there any product or site you want me to try? I hope you have a wonderful day, and I will see you on my next post!


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