Great for Lazy day – Annie’s Way Jelly Mask

I always use a clay mask to clean and a sheet mask to moist my face every Sunday and Wednesday. Whenever I get lazy or too busy, I would use a jelly mask. The one I am using now is Annie’s Way Calendula Softening Jelly Mask.


Annie’s Way is a Taiwanese brand and has a lot of sheet masks and jelly masks. For jelly masks, they have more than 8 types such as aloe, wine, honey, hyaluronic acid, lavender, calendula, charcoal, snail, rose, and Q10. Each jelly mask has their own purpose, but they all deeply clean and hydrate our skin. I got calendula because I always pick skincare products that can calm my skin. They also have camomile extract and hyaluronic acid in this calendula mask to calm and hydrate.

Jelly mask is literally jelly/gel texture mask. After you clean your face with cleanser, you apply thickness 0.3-0.5 cm of this mask and leave it on for 30+ minutes. After that, you use tissues to clean the gel and wash your face with water. You can store this mask in the refrigerator so when you use it in summer, it can give a better cooling effect.

I think it is the combination of the clay mask and sheet mask. Although I still think clay mask clean better, and sheet mask is more effective, jelly mask saves my time and is great for busy people. Sometimes I forgot to clean it after 40 minutes, and it doesn’t get dry like sheet mask and doesn’t irritate my skin like clay mask.


The downside for this is I think it is a waste everytime I clean it. Since they recommend to apply thick layer on our skin, whenever I clean it with tissue, I can see how much I put on my face, and it looks like something that won’t melt in water for me XD

I think jelly/gel masks are handy when you are busy or lazy. It is good for people with dry skin since clay mask could dry out their skin easily. If you have oily skin, I recommend you to use clay mask most of the time since clay masks clean better, but if you don’t have a habit of using sheet mask, it is better to use jelly masks more than clay mask since lacking hydration could cause more oil on your face.

I got mine from eBay. I know they sold on a lot of website with different price range. Since some sites sell fake ones, I recommend going to the trustable website even they might sell at higher price. This is something we put on our face. It is no joke if it causes rashes on your face. I know Sasa, Beauteque and BeautiBi sell it. Be careful when you make a purchase. I think this applies to any skincare products 😉


That’s all for my review! Let me know if you have any questions. Did you try other jelly/gel mask before? Do you want to see me post before-after comparison pictures for future review posts? I would love any comments or suggestions! I love you all, and I will see you in my next post <3



17 thoughts on “Great for Lazy day – Annie’s Way Jelly Mask

  1. Wow. I didn’t realize Annie’s Way had so many jelly masks. As you know, I tried the Black Charcoal version and I agree Jelly is not as harsh as a clay mask but just as effective. I can’t wait to try more Jelly masks. Great review!

  2. I too never knew about jelly masks, I’m going to look into them would you recommend them for sensitive skin prone to break outs? Or would the clay masks be better? Thanks so much for this post I love learning about something new

    1. I think jelly mask is better since they are more gentle in my opinion. But make sure you use it no more than 20 minutes for your first try and make sure you buy it from trusted website.
      I think it is a fun mask to try. When you wash it off, you will see your whiteheads (a lot). It is a fun experience XD


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