My Little Corner (necklace)

I think necklaces are really useful. They can add some special to your outfit. If you choice a necklace that’s fit your style, it can upgrade your outfit to another level. I think it is same as some people think a nice pair of shoes or sunglasses can rock their outfit πŸ˜‰ Β I actually don’t own many necklaces. Here are some necklaces I recently use a lot and love.


I love gold. I think it is because my hair is red-brown color so I lookΒ better with warm tone colors. I also love animals especially cats. I think they are adorable. Since I always want myself look young and girly, I always pick these little cute animal charm necklaces. Whenever I wear them, I feel I am cute and sexy XD

I love sweaters. I think these cuties are nice with sweaters. Since they are small and not complicated, they give a softer image to the sweater. I like small necklaces give a softer elegant image. I try to find some bigger necklace but my neck is a little short so bigger necklaces will make me looks like I don’t have neck unless I get the long chain type XD A big ‘V’ can help our face looks longer and slimmer. (If you want to make your chest looks bigger, don’t wear big v-neck)

What kind of necklace you love to wear?

Sorry for this very short post, but I really want to share some of my loves. I hope you enjoy reading. Drop a like. Leave a comment. I may post more of my little corner to show off some of my love πŸ˜‰




27 thoughts on “My Little Corner (necklace)

  1. I love the delicate gold pieces you have :). They would look great with sweaters. I love big, statement necklaces but i also enjoy small delicate necklaces as well. It depends on what I’m wearing or feeling that day.