2017 February Favorite

It is the end of the month again so it is time to write a monthly favorite! I have few things make me cannot control my mind XD They really bright my days and make me have good mood every day in February 😉


Red Velvet – Rookie

Picture from redvelvetupdates.com

I am so happy with their comeback! I love the MV! I love the music! I love the choreography! I love their custom! I love their hair! I love their makeup! I love them!!! I learn a lot of fashion trend from them. Although I may not dye my hair like them, I want to try their hairstyles and makeup <3

Handmade Beret 


I ordered this on Taobao.com  I was searching beret and found this store. I think their berets are unique. I think it is rare to see this 3-D  kind of beret. I also saw some handmade berets with unique art on top, but I think they are little bit too special for me to wear every day so I didn’t buy them XD

Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Blush Basin


If you read my Allure unboxing post (Link), this is one of their samples. I love it so much! It makes my lip soft and smooth. I also like the color. It matches my own lips color so I can have a natural look when I use it unlike most lipstick I have.

Takarai Rihito Illustration Book “MIRROR”

I finally buy it! I love Takarai-sensei art so much! Her arts are always beautiful! And the story always touching and sweet like dark chocolate <3 I think this will be one of the display in my room XD I love it too much. This book really bright my days. Whenever I open it, I put on a creepy smile on my face XD.



Thank you soooo much for following my blog XD  I have 500+ lovely followers now! I hit my 2017 goal XD  I am going to keep my work and try my best to expand my community! Since I hit my 500 goal, I want to set a new goal for me. I will try my best to grow my blog and have 1000 sweeties following my blog by the end of this year!


Thanks for reading! I hope you have a nice February and an amazing March! What is your February favorite? I will see you all in next post on Thursday 😉



30 thoughts on “2017 February Favorite

    1. Thank you very much! I start my blog on Nov 2016 so it has been 4 months now. I was bit lazy last month. I should check out other blogger more often. I think commenting on other blog helps a lot.
      By the way, I love your pictures! That is something I need to work on. I live in basement so it is hard for me to find good light source.
      Thanks for checking out my blog <3


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