BirchBox Unboxing (Feberury 2017)

I just receive my BirchBox for this month, and can’t wait to share with you guys. Although I choose the box and know what it has, I am excited to try all these samples.


Bumble and bumble – Repair Blow Dry 

I blow dry my hair every time I wash my hair so I was looking for a product that can protect my hair from blow drying.  I don’t think this little bottle can survive after single use XD I will try it next time I wash my hair. I wish they can have a bigger sample size.

Clean Reserve – Amber Saffron Eau de Parfum

I have to be honest. I pick this box instead of random sample box because of this perfume! I want to try this perfume since last December. I read so many bloggers and YouTubers sharing this is one of their favorite. I like the scent! It is a fresh clean scent. (Just like its name) I don’t think I will get the full size because this small bottle can last so long for me XD. Also, I am not a fan of their perfume design XD.

The Beauty Crop – PBJ Smoothie Stick – Saucy Marsala


I got the darkest shade which is the least I want. I don’t like the classic mature look since I have a serious looking face. It is bit brighter in the picture, but it is a pretty color if you like to have darker orange/brown lip.

Acure Organics – Purifying Fruit Peel

This is another chemical exfoliator. Since I am picky on face skincare product, I will try it on my nose only. Let see if you will see this in my monthly favorite 😉

Vasanti – Eye Wonder 2.0 Super Powered Eye Cream

I got this box also for the eye cream. I have been looking for an eye cream to prevent aging, but they are expensive (compare to night cream), and I need to make sure it is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. I try it once, and it is gentle and not too creamy. I am liking it so far.


I think I will go back to the random box next month since I want more hair product XD I honestly think skincare products in sample box are not worth for trying especially in Birchbox. How you can tell this is doing what it claims in this tiny bottle? I think you can only try if your skin allergic or not, but you can try it in store too.

If you have non-sensitive skin and want to try new skincare product, go for other subscription boxes that give bigger size samples or full-size products. Also, don’t expect much from Birchbox if you looking for makeup products.

That’s all for this month BirchBox 😉 I hope you enjoy it. I think I will keep my subscription for few more months to get some more shampoo XD What subscription box you are trying? Or Any subscription box you want to try?




9 thoughts on “BirchBox Unboxing (Feberury 2017)

  1. What a beautiful lip color shade. I’ve thought about subscribing for Birch Box but their samples are too small and I prefer make-up over hair care. I’ve tried Ipsy, Globe In Club, Walmart Beauty Box and Target Beauty Box so far. My favorite is a tie between Ipsy and Globe In Club :).

    1. I agree. Their samples are small that can try once only. Globe In boxes are so adorable <3 I just try Allure and post an unboxing in few hours. I think it is a box worth for trying. Did you check Boxycharm? I saw it on some beauty YouTuber channel, and it looks great for makeup lover.

    1. I thought Birchbox is an ok subscription box before I got my Allure box. As my Birchbox Jan 2016 post said, I just go for the shampoo and conditioner XD. Honestly I think Birchbox can do a better job. I was disappointed by the sample size they gave especially comparing to Allure box. I would still keep it for few more months to try, but I don’t think they will do anything miracle. Thanks for coming <3

    1. lol Thanks for reading <3 Don't expect much from them. I think it is not bad if you have some free money to try few months. I think their samples are not bad. It just the size is too small in my opinion.


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